Do you rinse your mouth after every meal or snack? {Your Opinion}

So, today, we will talk about some oral care and hygiene. To keep your teeth shining and white, it is often said that one should rinse their mouth after having any meal or snack. This holds especially true for coffee and tea as they can stain the teeth in the long run and cause discolorations. I, often, make it a point to rinse my mouth to also remove the food particles which may have been left behind in between the teeth. Best would be to either brush or floss but I am too lazy and its not exactly feasible everywhere. 
But, there is a huge problem in all this. If I am outside, say in a restaurant or office or some other place while travelling, I do not rinse my mouth. The whole point in that is because of the hygiene of the wash room and frankly, I don’t feel comfortable rinsing my mouth anywhere else. If I carry a bottle of water and a mouthwash, well and good. Otherwise, I do generally skip on rinsing routine and simply finish off by washing my hands. I know its not exactly a healthy practice but then environmental hygiene is equally important, right? 
What do you do in such cases?

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  1. says

    Swati u r right actually we will not rinse when we are out, but yes i carry a bottle of water to drink, i use the same for rinsing as well:)

  2. says

    I have braces and I can’t afford not to brush or at least rinse after a meal or snack. I always bring mouthwash with me because of that. :)

    • says

      haha…no idea about noida ka pani…is it not reliable but I think har jagah its almost the same yaar!!! and, then, some loos are so dirty…yuckkkk!!!

  3. says

    If I go out, I just order a bottle of water with my food. I think it’s enough to keep mouth clean in between brushing.

  4. Anonymous says

    My housemate coughs the content of his throat into the kitchen sink after eating. Is this a cultural thing? He does it even when I am still finishing my food, it is most off putting and surely unhygienic in the kitchen sink! He says his mother taught him to do this 60 years ago..

    • says

      hi Khusboo. no, rinsing is very important. the only issue i have is that sinks are generally not clean outside in restaurants. in office, there is no such issue as they take care of the hygiene very well :)

  5. Jignesh says

    Swai, I count it very important to rinse mouth after eating anything. When I’m at office or any public place, I would prefer to use a bathroom. I think that’s so easy, isn’t it?
    Anyways, thank you for writing this useful article.

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