– Old site with a new look!!

the keyring and the ittar

Craftsvilla has been around for a long time now but they have changed their look in between and its has been long since that too to be frank. They have amazing collection of crafts and accessories, especially earrings!!! So, don’t forget to check them out.

check out the categories on the left side
The navigation is simple and similar to other websites and the checkout process is smooth. I didn’t need to contact the customer service so no idea about that. Although, a point to mention is that some (or may be all) of the products are sent from manufacturers so your products may reach you at different times which is pain sometimes!!!
I love the earrings
I left the herb at home so no snap

My order included a bottle of thyme herb and a Jasmine Ittar. Thyme is amazing for hair growth. And, I got a keychain as a complimentary gift. Both of the products were so securely wrapped up in a bubble wrap that it became a pain to remove the wraps!! Seriously!! So, you can be sure that your products will reach you safely :) Oh btw, the delivery charges are applicable only on certain products so depends on what you order and only some products have COD option so that can be disappointing for some. Anyway, don’t forget to check it out!!!

PS: I was given voucher for shopping from the site. 


  1. Khyati says

    Hi swati, has the giveaway winner be announced .. of both the aloe veda and the 500 rs shopping voucher of any website of winners choice ? this post reminded me of that :) cute goodies btw !

    • says

      hey Khyati…yeah, the winners are announced…I have mailed them. actually, I had announced Monisha as the 500 voucher giveaway winner but she didn’t reply back so I thought I will first get a reply from the winners and then only announce. the aloveda winners have also been mailed and I am hoping to get a reply from them :)

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