Cellnique Paramedicals Derma Whitening Daytime Protection {Product Review}

Price: 57$ (Rs 3000 around) for 30ml

– its a mineral sunscreen as well
– spreads easily and is not too creamy
– it leaves a lot of white cast!!!
– pretty expensive!! 
– the pump didn’t work for me :( 
My Experience

I am always on the look out for Zinc Oxide based sunscreens. So, this one caught my eye. I liked the packaging with the pump for the squeeze tube but, unfortunately, the pump didn’t work for me. I had to screw open the pump and squeeze out the sunscreen. 

The sunscreen is white in color and light in texture but enough creamy but again, not too creamy. And, depending on various days, I needed extra moisturizing sometimes and sometimes not. The light texture of the product allows it to spread easily and evenly on the skin.
But, there is a huge hitch in this. Since it has both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide (I don’t know the ratios), the product leaves a lot of white cast on the skin which is very annoying. I have tried using the product on my arms as well and same issue there. 
And, it is definitely expensive for 30 ml of a product which would probably last two months!!! It needs to be reapplied because its a combination of mineral and chemical sunscreen. I wish they do something regarding the white cast. Also, I didn’t see any whitening or lightening of my skin tone.
PS: Product sent by brand.


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