Apply moisturizer on damp skin {Tip of the Day}

I have mentioned this countless of times and probably done dedicated posts for this as well but I wanted to reiterate this tip again today. So, for those of you who already know about it and have tried, apologies for saying the same things again and again.
Whenever you face a difficulty to spread any product on your skin, try applying it on damp skin. It works beautifully and gives an even finish with a dewy look. This worked especially great for the Ponds White Beauty Spot-less Cream which I had reviewed recently. I totally forgot to mention about it in the post so thought I would put up a separate one!!! Also, keep one thing in mind that do not apply any sunscreen on damp skin.


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    This is a tip worth reiterating. I always apply moisturizer after I towel dry my face. Sometimes it’s still damp, sometimes, all the water is off but the skin is still supple from the washing.

    so when I read a review of a product I use and someone says it didn’t get absorbed well, I assume they applied it well after the washed their face.

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