Aloevera Scrub {Reader’s Tip}

Aloe vera Moisturizer
Aloevera is a great moisturizer which moisturizes your skin instantly. I often use aloe gel to moisturize my skin in winter. Dry skin is the sign of dullness, so moisturize your skin and keep it soft always :). Take a leaf and remove the green skin to get soft and fresh aloevera gel :)

Editor’s Comments: I love aloevera moisturizer. Do check my review on the Aloevera gel.

Aloe vera Scrub (To remove dead skin cells and improve the complexion)
Ingredients :
Oats powder – 2 teaspoons
Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon
Aloevera gel – 2 teaspoons

Here’s how..
Mix all these ingredients well and apply over your clean face and neck. Leave for 20 minutes. Then wet your finger and tap your face, give a circular massage gently with fingertips. Wash off completely with clean and cold water.


Instantly softens and brightens skin :) :)
With regular use It whitens your skin and keeps it clean and clear all time

BEST USAGE : Twice in a week

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  1. Anonymous says

    Does lacto calamine has sunscreen abilities? should we apply if before going out in the sun? wil it protect us from tanning?

    • says

      no, lacto calamine has zinc oxide but I doubt if its enough to protect from sun. it does help with tanning but for other things, I would definitely recommend a sunscreen!!

  2. says

    Great tip! Aside from its moisturizing effect, I use aloe vera for my hair. It promotes grow, shine and moisture. Try this one too.

  3. alok says

    Since last 5 year I am using aloevera as Saving Cream. till date i have not purchase any saving cream. Using aloevera as saving cream give a smooth saving and skin.

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