Aloevera for Skin and Banana Hair Pack {Reader’s Tips}

“If you have drink aloevera juice everyday in the morning, your skin really glows.”
“Banana Hair pack really does wonders to your hair. You can add coconut milk and honey along with banana and mix it in a blender. Keep the pack for about an hour and just wash with warm water without applying shampoo. Your hair will really shine.”


  1. Anonymous says

    banana pack is reallly tricky.. it doenst come off with washing n sticks to hair… and u have to shampoo again again hair becomes like a haystack!!! better not try it..

  2. Anonymous says

    pregnant n lactating women n women with reproductive problems pls do not take aloevera juice without consulting doctor…

  3. Anonymous says

    what abot adding banana into your regular hair pack rather applying it alone. I am thinking to try it adding with my regular Jovees hair pack

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