Aloeveda Moisturising Bathing Bar Indian Khus with Kewda Extracts {Product Review}

Price: Rs 65 for 100gms

Aloeveda Soap @ Perfect Skin Care for you
Soap noodles transparent (80%), Merquat Plus 3330, Sodium PCA (3%), Sorbitol (2%), Aloevera Gel (2%), Vitamin E, Green Paste, Indian Khus with Kewda extracts.
– it smells really good!! I don’t know if its Kewda smell or what but if that’s what Kewda smells like, I would love to get an attar of Kewda (I don’t know what Kewda is but I do know that its one of the most famous perfume fragrances of India).
– it doesn’t do well on the moisturizing front but then it doesn’t really leave the skin scaly dry either so its good for summers. 
– I personally don’t like transparent soaps (so this is not exactly a con).

PS: Product sent by brand.


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