3 Healthy Foods I love {Health}

I have been lacking bad too badly in the health posts so I thought I would compile a list of healthy foods which I absolutely love and would have in any form. And, trust me, coming up with only 5 items was so damn difficult that I can’t even think of all the foods.

Broccoli, Baby Corn / American and Indian Corn

For those who don’t know what it is, it is a greaan vegetable and highest in protein content and is absolutely delightful vegetable to eat whether steamed or boiled or pan-fried. It looks like green cauliflower.
And, I also love baby corns. Even the roasted bhutta and if you know that maize is dropped in Sambhar also and it tastes absolutely amazing :) And, maize is one of the foods you can have without worrying about pesticides and insecticide issues.
And, the best part is that both of them are amazingly high in fiber content and make you feel full for around 3 hours. So, one of the healthiest of snack as well. In fact, I did do a post on American Corn being a healthy snack long back.   

Kabuli Chana (Chickpeas) and Kala Chana (Black Beans)

I love the huge white chanas and I love chole bhature which is not exactly healthy but you can make tikkis with kabuli chana or boil them and make a nice filling salad or snack by mixing in tomatoes and cucumber and onions and a little sprinkling of lemon!! Absolutely yum and your tummy would be so full that you won’t feel hungry for hours together. And, its high in proteins and fiber (two cups provide entire day’s fiber). Also, higher fiber means less junk and binging.

Black Beans are my absolute fav and always makes me wish that people would call me for ‘kanjak’ ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s a tradition in which young adoloscent girls are called home early in the morning, worshipped and fed puri chana and halwa and are given gifts and the whole breakfast is just yum. Its done during ram navmi and durgashtami (the two sacred 9 days in the hindu calender). I am missing it already!! Ok, yes, puri and halwa are not exactly healthy but black beans are a must. They are rich in proteins and full of fibre (more than the chickpeas) and great for snacks, salads or even for burger fillings. Mashed black beans bound with some flour make great tikkis or cakes (I don’t exactly know what tikkis are called in english but I know aloo tikki is potato cake!).

Btw, black beans are rich in phytonutrients which protects us from sun’s rays, dirt, pollution, insecticides and all the bad things. So, an additional reason to gobble them up. Mixed with tomato and lemon, they make a traditional Indian snack.


Ok, so, I don’t exactly love spinach in every form, for example: boiled or steamed. But, palak paneer is my fav and I have never yet had it as a smoothie or a juice but I would definitely love to try it. Its amazing for hair growth. And, dark green veggies are great for its anti-oxidant power. According to me, the best way to eatc a spinach is raw in a sandwich and it tastes amazing. Also, another way is to incorporate it in the salad by chopping a bunch of spinach leaves. It has high amount of Vitamin A which is great for eye sight issues and also to fight aging effects. Also, it improves the body’s immunity to the sun’s rays.


  1. says

    How I wish I had the appetite for healthy greens. Though I wouldn’t mind eating salad, I’d always prefer my meat over these healthy foods. Great post!

  2. Anonymous says

    me too love chickpeas, rajma.corn.capsicum.baked beans..paneer..yummy… im a nonveg.. so my hubby cant understand when i love veggies so much hi hi…

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing this post. Chickpeas and spinach are also very good source of carbohydrates, provides good amount of energy to the body. One can eat them without bothering about the very much health side-effects as well.

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