Rose Water with EO twist {DIY}

I did a post recently on how I use essential oils. In that, I had mentioned about a DIY toner which I am currently using. So, let’s check out the recipe for it. Again, the heart and soul of the toner is use of EO’s. 
yes, it went milky when I added the EO’s

  • 100 ml rose water (I used Patanjali Rose Water)
  • 10 drops ylang ylang
  • 10 drops lavender
  • 5 drops neroli
  • 7 drops frankincense
  • 7 drops patchouli
Method: Mix all of them store in a spray bottle. Shake before using. 
How to use?
I use 10 sprays at a time and mostly I use it at night. I collect the product in my palm and then apply it to the face. Then, I nicely slap my face 😀 Ok, pat the face gently so that the toner is absorbed well. And, voila, I am done!! It moisturises my skin so well and my skin looks really dewy. A perfect one for the hot summers when I hate applying moisturiser to my face coz I feel hot and also, my skin gets oily by morning. But, with this, my skin remains just dewy, glowy and plumped in the morning. And, I am so loving this. Btw, it smells really amazing!!! 
What do you think?


  1. nami says

    do you like patanjali stuff??ypu know kama has their organic rose water even fab india…i guess its organic not sure but it retails around 700 inr
    anyway it was a nice post..will try it

    • says

      hey Nami…actually, I don’t like patanjali stuff but the rose water is fine!!! better than gulabari or fab india (its not organic) which I think it too expensive…yes, kama has rose water but that is sooooooooo expensive. and, patanajali’s suited me so I was like fine with it!!

  2. Krishna Patel says

    I bought some pure rose water but it really dried out my skin so i think i will use this EO trick to make it moisturising. Thank you :)

  3. Renuca says

    This sounds awesome swati, I’m getting a load of stuff too tho I didnt get frankinscense, neroli or patcholi.. would you recommend any of these as a must for dry skin? Ive been doing extensive reading on Eos after your initial DIY post but am still confused.. :(.
    Btw I ordered the Sattvic rosewater from natural mantra (havent used yet tho :) )

    • says

      oh no….you should have told me that you wanted EO’s for dry skin…no worries…you can order it next time :) yes, neroli and frankincense both are amazing for dry skin…frankincense is in fact one of the most revered EO’s for anti-aging skin care :) patchouli is famous for its smell and for perfumes, its a must have. which ones did you buy????
      how much did the rose water cost you???sattvic seemes like a good brand…I was wanting to get its wheatgrass juice or powder!!! it was cheaper than 24 letter mantra but then 24LM is organic so was confused!!!

    • says

      nah….I decided on according to the strength of fragrance :) neroli is very strong and frankincense and patchouli are equally strong and linger long but can get covered up by neroli and lavender and ylang ylang disappear soon enough!!! medium strength.

  4. Sudesh Jhanji says

    Swati my skin is uneven and pores are opened, its dull. want to look fairer with even skin tone and also want glowing skin, please give some tips for me……..

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