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my hair diary april 2012 at Perfect Skin Care for you

I wanted to do this post long back after the one on home remedies for hair growth but somehow forgot. I would definitely recommend all the products I list down under here:

  • Biotique Musk Root: helped combat my hair fall last year in January and really nourished my hair. You can read the entire review here
  • Lush Caca Noir: Well, technically, this is just a hair coloring agent and nothing else. But, it improved my hair texture and made it so soft and shiny. I love it and I wanna lay my hands asap on Caca Maroon. It wasn’t a first love and my first review was almost that all money spent on it went into drain. But, the second review which I did after using the noir again after a spell of 3 months almost was what made me a fan of this product. Read about the Caca Noir here.
  • Biotique Mountain Ebony: This is one of the really un-talked product of Biotique but I love it to bits and it wasn’t an instant love either. I took my own sweet time to analyze it and use it and decide on it. I bought it in December 2010 and used it sometimes and left it. Later, again started using it after a spell of almost 6 months and used it daily in fact. Read about it here


  • Rogan Badam Shirin: I really forgot to put about it. Padmaja asked me about hair oils and this is my one go to hair oil and the best ever which has actually shown me results on a long term basis. Read about it here

All the products mentioned above are tried and tested on a long term. I shall keep on adding if I find something equally good in the subsequent future :)


    1. Divine Blush says

      I agree with first point dear.. my hair feels nourished after using Musk root..thanks for introducing it to me..

      • says

        yes, caca brun got too many good reviews but I wanna try some deeper red shade near to chestnuts…got bored of the coffee color :( I so wanna go to lush right away ๐Ÿ˜€

    2. Jyotirupa Mishra says

      I have not used a single thing you mentioned there ๐Ÿ˜› May be its time to start now. :) Thanks for the reccos.

    3. Padmaja says

      your hair looks glossy and healthy :)
      you didn’t mention any oils ?

      Does caca noir give a red tinge ?

      • says

        thanks Padmaja :) seems like the treatment I am taking is working…yipeeee!!! but, I really want good hair growth. yeah, I didn’t mention oils because I am not sure that they really helped my hair…I mean the ones I used were nice and all but no long term effects yet!!! these are all tried and tested products with long time. I haven’t used any oils that faithfully but now that you reminded me, I forgot to write about rogan badam. its like the awesome product!!! i think I’ll put an update.

      • Padmaja says

        Thx for the update Swati!
        How often do you use rogan badam in a week ?
        Kama oil not worth a mention ?
        Bet’ how are you finding the Lass Neem wooden combana ?

      • says

        all the products above are tried and tested for long periods of time and with decent amount of intervals and I positively saw results…with kama, I was on and off and I am not sure of the long term effects about it yet though its a good oil. a little bit is left which I shall use after my course of treatment and hope it proves its mettle ๐Ÿ˜€ and, makes to this list!!!

    4. Vanu says

      i have not heard abt a single product u mentioned other dan Rogan Badam Shirin. can u do a post on dem too?

      • says

        hey Vanu…that’s weird!!! anyway, you can check out for the individual posts. I have given the links above in the post only :) the red color ones saying here…click on those links!!!

    5. dr_rashmi says

      i am so very concious about my skin and my hair suffers silently in ignorance :( . . . they never really gave me trouble so i dedicate all my time for skin …. anyways before they hate me and start leaving me i definitely should begin a routine asap !!

      • says

        haha…me the other way round!!! more concerned about hair :) I do try to keep my skin in good condition though!!! sometimes, I overdo skin but never overdo hair coz that takes way more effort ๐Ÿ˜€
        yes, try to keep a normal routine and they will stay with you forever ๐Ÿ˜€ oh btw, you might be getting facials and hair spas done na??? for the D-day???

    6. vimalla says

      Hi I am a Singaporean used to colour my hair dark maron or black in salom and recently had re-bond
      Now i am balding
      grey hairs can be seen
      what natural colours can i use
      how can i stop hair dropping pls help..somethings available in Singapore pls..

    7. Maliha Sazin says

      Nice work done…You has shared very good info.
      You can visit to get important hair care tips in my blog.

    8. Anonymous says

      Biotique’s products finally are available in Poland :) Attracted by the compsition I’ve decided to have a go. Your blog, found by accident, persuaded me as well :) I’m really pleased so far.I’ve been using Bio Thyme conditioner and Bio Kelp shampoo for more than a week. It’s not long but no itching scalp and pretty soft hair so far. The conditioner makes my hair very light and thin, too thin for me that’s why I mix it with a tbs of Kapoor Kachli. It feels like they’re thicker. I also rinse my hair with water + apple vinegar to fight with dandruff, besides it makes my hair soft, shine and fuller. Hope the longer use the better effect.
      Swati Murti, thaks a lot for your blog, found here a loads of very useful hints . So I’ll keep poping in ๐Ÿ˜‰


    9. says

      Hi Swati,
      I recently shifted from rajasthan to bangalore and here m facing hair loss a lot.i suppose this is due to the bore water as m residing in hostel. Please suggest me what all things should I do to prevent my hair loss as itz very frustrating situation that whenever you roll down ur finger on hair and always 2-3 hair break.
      Please reply asap.

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