Pain in thighs {Your Opinion}

These days I feel like a 60 year old lady. Of course, dad always likes to call me “20 years old buddhi” ๐Ÿ˜€ [That was sometime back!!! Of course, I have aged and I am not getting any younger :(] I don’t know why but since 2-3 days, I have this pain in the back muscles of my thighs and almost a constant headache in the back of my head (not the forehead). I really don’t want to take medicines but seems like my headache won’t leave me without a pill.
Have you gone through any similar state before? Any ideas?


  1. Coral Crue says

    Hi! I can understand how you feel because I started feeling this way some time back. Shortly after this feeling of fatigue, I started falling ill with something or the other and my body started reacting weirdly too.I kept running in and out of hospitals. I had to. Finally, I decided enough was enough and decided to take things in my own hands. Started taking lots of fresh fruit juices, eating vegetables, stopped all junk food, oil, fried, sugar etc. Also joined the gym and started working out under the help of a trainer. it was all very hard at first. I started having migraines and energy slackened at first but now things are picking up. get yourself check. check your haemoglobin, vitamin d levels. are you drinking enough water and eating well? get some tests run and you will come to the bottom of it.

    • says

      oh no…my mom always tells me to work out!!! coz, I get cramps in my hips whenever I walk!!! its all this desk job and blogging has made it worse ๐Ÿ˜€ yes, I am not eating well :( I eat well when at home and I can feel the difference immediately but whenever I come back, its like bad!!! I can’t even get up on time :( I do try but something or the other happens!!! lagging behind in work as well :( I don’t take junk and fried stuff but then, eating well is also imp. taking my vitamins regularly these days. will start taking care of myself from the morning :) thanks a lot :) yeah, even I feel as if my energy is completely drained out and its not even that time of the month :(

    • Coral Crue says

      you take good juices, coconut water, grape juice , pineapple juice..invest in an juicer. make it a point to wake up in the morning before work, so you have some time for your body. drink four glasses water, make the juice, have it, then half hour later start your day with a good breakfast. that takes care of your day time energy needs. try to get some workout even if at home, like on the spot marching or walking up and down, taking stairs..somethign simple to start out with. slowly…do everything gradually. but breakfast , juices, start from tomorrow. take care of your health, Swati. it’s very important. i have been down that lane, that’s why i am advising you now with so much fervour. you will feel good. it might take a month or two to get your stamina back but you will. trust me.

    • says

      aaah!!! waking up in the morning is something I am not able to do :( I am trying but its of no avail!!! and, because of that I always miss my breakfast :( thanks Coral…will start taking care of my healthy better…it really is all about routine….if I start it but starting is the hardest ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. says

    HI Swati
    From what you say, I think you should immediately see a doctor for a complete check up. Not everything can be cured on your own . So, leave it to the experts.
    Get well soon dear

    • says

      thanks Nivs :) its just that I don’t wanna go to a doc :( have an aversion and, worst of all, I don’t know about any reliable doc in Hyderabad. I guess its my eating habits which is actually taking a toll on me :( but, will have to ask for references to docs now!!!

  3. Vanu says

    swati for doz cramps start taking Bcomplex tabs. this vl relieve cramps instantly. cramps were a major issue wid me specially in winters. Doc prescribed me EvionLC for cramps and i was healthy again

    • says

      oh great, Vanu!!! I am already taking cobadex which is B complex tablets and I have evion too so will start taking them from today. my thighs are hurting real bad. and, somewhere yesterday, I saw that deficiency of vitamins can actually accelerate aging and make the body really painful :(
      I am already planning on working out but its so painful that I can’t move from my bed right now.

  4. Padmaja says

    Get a checkup done Swati… if u dont want to feel the stress of visting a hospital/doc,
    take a visit to Beams, jublee hills… If you are comining from Madhapur, take a left at Jublee check post towards Ameerpet.. it’s located on the left

    Eat well… A walk of 30 mins in the park makes a lot of difference…but i know how difficult it is bringing ourselves to doing that

    Try to spend less time before the system

    I know am sounding silly saying this :) … I believe you have done good research on EOs… still just chk out if anything is giving u a problem… I feel u are using too many at one go.

    Take care!

    • says

      thanks Padmaja…nah, its not due to EO’s…its actually my health!!! you can say that I have literally starved myself for over a year and now, I am really feeling the effects :( I can’t even get up now in the morning, my thighs are giving me such trouble!!!
      and, of course, I do need to work out!!! my body is literally getting no exercise. but, yes, will check up on EO’s too ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Padmaja says

    Why have u been starving youself gal… U write so much about health care :)

    yeah…staying away from home has it’s own effects

    • says

      haha…yeah, the consequence of staying away from home ๐Ÿ˜€ and, the food here is just bad…yuck!!! but, have to do something about it now. high time, I am tired of these many problems.

  6. Anonymous says

    include a multivitamin fast fast.. swati..Revital woman is good one.. u will get cramps if u have calcium deficiency..Its really important to keep good bone health… if the food there is yucky.. include a protein drink which can be mixed with water..its a must for people like you staying away from light exercise..

    • says

      yeah…I am taking a b complex vitamin already and will be starting with vitamin E today!!! yeah, I was thinking of getting a protein drink!! which one do you suggest? I was thinking of proteinex. yes, light exercise is must…I shall start with walking!!!

  7. Padmaja says

    Don’t want to scare u… but consult your doc before u start taking vitamin E suppplement…
    How much ever vitamin E u splash on your skin, it’s gud for it… But taking vitamin E internally should be done with discresion…
    this is as per my knowledge … I may be wrong…. just wanted to share :)

    • says

      actually you are right :) I am myself against taking any supplements but mom had said that she had taken evion for her leg pains and everything and its pretty safe!!! but, yeah, any supplement should be taken only with doc’s advise :) excess of vitamins are also harmful!!! gosh, what life????

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