Natural Homemade Bleach {Reader’s Tip}

This was submitted by a reader as a part of my currently going on giveaway. Don’t forget to check it out!!! Also, I received a reader’s query regarding bleach being harmful or useful to skin. So, hope this tip helps you.
Take 1 carrot, 1/2 tomato pulp, some coriander, 1/2 lemon juice. puree whole stuff. apply on face, neck even arms for 15 mints. wash off with water.

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  1. dr_rashmi says

    I am always a big lemon and tomato fan. . . but i used to apply it with honey. . .so that acid doesnt take away the moisture :)

    • says

      yes Simran…sometimes lemon increases hyperpigmentation so always use lemon at night or simply substitute lemon for tomato or potato…they are not acidic but are bleaches only :)

  2. shruthi says

    I had wanted to bleach my face but was scared of the harmful effects! Will try this natural remedy first! Thank u swati :)

  3. Madeeha says

    Hi, mam your tips are very useful. Please help me out my lips a corner are black so how can i lighten them.

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