My Mini-giveaway!! [Giveaway Closed]

So, as promised, I had said a couple of days back that I shall be holding a mini-giveaway when the blog fb fans cross 500 so here is the giveaway. This is not a sponsored giveaway and to be frank, its not really a big one either. So, consider it a mini-giveaway and I am sorry if it doesn’t come up to your expectations. And, now, over to the Rafflecopter form. If you are reading the post in your mail box, kindly login to the blog to enter the giveaway. 
Give the Rafflecopter form a few seconds to load. The first day is like a trial basis for the rafflecopter form to work properly so in case you have issues entering, please drop me a comment below and I shall revert back ASAP. And, thanks a lot guys for entering the giveaway. Your support is highly appreciated :)

Prize: Rs 500 voucher to any of your favorite shopping websites where netbanking is allowed ๐Ÿ˜€

Update: Please follow the Rules
1. You have to subscribe to the email updates. The subscription form is in the right sidebar. Please enter your email id and confirm the email id from the mai you get in your inbox.
2. Leave a blog comment mentioning your favorite beauty tip.
3. Enter the answer for what you like and dislike about PSCfy.

All the entrants should fulfill all the above rules to qualify for the giveaway. If any of the rule is not adhered to, the person would be disqualified without further notice.


  1. Coral Crue says

    Hi! My favourite beauty tip is to use masoor dhal(the orange one) as a face wash. I powder the entire thing into a very fine powder like loose powder and store in an air tight container. when i want to wash my face, which is quite often, since it’s summer, I just take a tsp of it and make a paste with water and use it on my face. Squeaky clean face and it evens up the skin tone too :) Don’t think i will need too many face washes this year. hehe

  2. says

    Now many of you may be knowing this tip but this is going to benefit the most sensitive sect of women..the pregnant ladies..every one experiences can in the first trimester and all medications like benzoyl peroxide, acne gun containing salicilic acid and tretinoin ar contra indicated in the best way to treat them would be applying good old tooth paste ove the acne and using multani miti every three days to control sebum..also, all pregnant laladies out there stay clear of alll synthetic anti ageing and fairness creams..

  3. dr_rashmi says

    my favorite beauty tip . . . honey plus few lemon drops on my face everyday for half an hour . . helped greatly with my breakouts <3 . . plus i can see mild scar reduction too . .

    • says

      hey Rashmi…wo DONE ke saath ek chota sa edit option hai so click that and you can enter the answer again :) waiting to hear you opinions…jaldi se enter kar ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
      yes, honey helps with scars too and lemon is so good :)

    • dr_rashmi says

      done :) :) . .
      I thought yu’ll say acha hate wala part rehne do ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ . . yu dint let me escape ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. manya says

    Orange peel powder works wonder for my skin, I mix pure orange peel powder, bit neem powder, besan, haldi and yoghurt and apply, it brightens and gives an amazing glow, I bet you will love the effect so much ki,every now and then you will feel like looking yourself in mirror! :p Sorry I had forgoteen to write the tip!

  5. says

    hii,I have combination skin ..I follow two diy recipes religiously
    1. mix oats with raw milk or water and apply on entire face and neck area leave it for like 10-12 min and rinse with water with gentle rubbing…this one gives an instant glow and makes my skin soft and supple.
    2. I usually grind nutmeg with water or raw milk and apply it on face once in a week. this even outs the skin tone,this one is proved and tested remedy for acne prone skin.

    • says

      sorry for the late reply ….

      As far as template is considered..try to change fonts and play with some colors.. if some sections are constant on every page..try focusing them with some curved designer borders :).Try to Utilize the 75% of the page for main articles and rest for other thing ..hope this will help.

  6. says

    my favo tip is about hair.i have naturally straight hair.which makes it look flat sometimes.i dont get that instant whenever im done washing my hair.i dry my hair.(no hot tools).apply little hair serum(i use works for me). then when my hair is almost dry i untangle it first and then put my hair down and comb it with a blow dry brush from my roots to the tips.what an amazing bounce do i get on my hair.people even ask me if i got a haircut or got it blow me it works!!

  7. says

    I like to mix curd with henna to add some moisture, as henna tends to dry up hair. Keeping the pack for 2-3 hrs gives perfect color, though many believe that it wouldn’t produce as much color!

  8. Divine Blush says

    for instant glow for a dull skin, i would suggest sugar srcub.. it works fabuolous . .do try it..

  9. Padmaja says

    Sorry this the first time am trying to enter a somewhat confused…
    I not present on fb… still would like to share my beauty tip :)
    For my occassional pimples what I do is apply Medimix soap foam on the area of the pimple overnight… Doing it for twice or thrice will subside the pimple…but foam will somewhat tingle and dry up the skin ..and if u have a sensitive nose like me it may be everyone maynot be comfortable doing this…if done regularly, it even reduces pimple marks…but doing this may slightly darken the skin…once u stop it would be normal

    Gud luck to all the participants! :)

    • says

      its ok Paddy :) thanks for this lovely tip…didn’t know medimix soap could be so gud!!! btw, yes, the first three are compulsory entries and rest are optionals so you can leave them!!!
      oh btw, noted your improvement tips ๐Ÿ˜€ wil

    • Padmaja says

      Ohh those are optional…great! :)
      I use Medimix only this way :p

      Waiting to see some changes ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      hey Padmaja…are you getting my posts in the emails regularly??? your email is not reflecting my list so can you once again subscribe and confirm the subscription :)

    • Padmaja says

      hmmm…no am not getting any posts in my inbox…shall subscribe again

      Ya..can see the changes :)…but I wanted only the order in the same way…no bullets :(

    • says

      now which order are you talking about??? comments will appear with bullets only!!! and, the brands and categories were already alphabetical but in cloud form!!!

    • Padmaja says

      hmmm..not sure if it’s only me, but brands and categories were not being displayed alphabetically….so I suggested them to be displayed in order in cloud form itself…

    • says

      oh it might be that you got confused with the tag names like “anti-aging skin care” is a complete tag so that might have happened!!! I have longer tag names :)

    • Padmaja says

      May be I got confused …initially when searching for some brands, I thot they were not alphabetical :)
      What abt my first suggestion ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      it will make the page too heavy so I have always refrained from overly modifying the template…it affects the page loading speed so guess you will have to make do without the smilies :( I will see what I can do :)

    • says

      that’s why I try not to add anything extra for the blog…even the template is simple and lets see many people said its not good but no one said what should I change ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. says

    My tried-n-true tip is for treatment of sun-tanned or pimple-scared skin.Prepare a mixture of raw potato paste, glycerine,fresh aloevera juice and lemon juice and apply it on affected area and keep for a minimum of 15 minutes. Post 15 minutes, rinse the dried mixture with cold water. This remedy should be followed twice a day till the problem vanishes,usually it takes 10-15 days.

  11. says

    Face care:
    My face is sometimes very dry and sometimes very oily depending on the season. So, to get an instant glow,
    for dry skin, i massage my face with olive oil making sure that the warmth of my palm warms the oil applied on face.
    for oily skin, i use multhani mitti with little honey/curd.

    Hair care:
    I have waist length hair.. Wanna know the secret? I massage coconut oil twice a week on scalp and shampoo my hair with diluted shampoo..

    To keep feet soft, always always massage a little oil on feet a few mins before taking bath. Take bath as usual. You would not feel the need to apply any cream/oil after bathing your feet this way and your feet would be moisturized.

  12. Madura says

    I have oily scalp and dandruff which no shampoo can help.
    I apply lemon juice on scalp and let it sit 15 mins before shampooing. This helps to relieve itchiness and keeps my scalp oil free for atleast 2 days

    • says

      lemon juice is great for dandruff and it helps in controlling oil but it dries out the scalp too which makes it a bad option for dry hair but yes, its great for oily scalp :)

      btw, Madura, I would really appreciate feedback on posts which you find are too short or incomplete in information otherwise I wouldn’t really know that :)

  13. makeup and beauty by prayati says

    nice giveaway…my favorite

    skincare tip…: apply a slice of papaya for instant glow on the face… and you can apply potato slice to lighten dark underarms..

    haircare tip..: apply coconut oil mixed with egg to strengthen hair from roots…

  14. Anonymous says


    Mix equal amounts of Cucumber juice and Lime juice and apply them to your face before taking bath; wait for at least 10 mins. Your complexion will improve

    BTW lovely Blog :-)

  15. Lancy says

    This can be said as a beauty routine than being said as a ‘beauty tip’ but I swear by this every week to maintain a healthy lustrous hair!
    Heat equal amounts [50 ml] of almond oil, coconut oil and castor oil together. Add few drops of Vitamin E oil [Squeezed from the capsule, Evion is one of the good and easily available brand] to this oil mixture and shake well. Store this oil in a clean old hair oil bottle. Every weekend, take required amount of this oil and add 2 pinches of FENUGREEK powder to it and heat it in low flame. Once it reaches the bearable heat, switch off the stove and give a relaxing hair and scalp massage with this oil. Wear a shower cap and go to do your other weekend works :) It may be a TV program, or a cookery recipe [ I do always cook potato fries when my hair oil is soaking on my scalp :P] This passes time soon. After 40-50 minutes, wash your hair with fresh water and a mild herbal shampoo. You no need to condition your hair if it is summer and you have oily scalp by nature. [I do skip a conditioner often to prevent weighing down of hair soon, ummm.. I am a little lazy too :P]

    And… that’s it you’re done :) A simple, yet an effective hair massage treatment is done. This helps a lot in preventing dandruff and strengthening hair naturally. I am also experiencing good hair growth nowadays after starting this routine. It’s a hot bad summer and this routine helps in calming down your body heat as well :) So what else? Enjoy this routine and come back after a month to let me know how it works

    Sorry for the big paragraph when I was asked for a ‘beauty tip’ but I am sure that it would benefit you :) I cant resist myself typing, so here’s a one more recipe [I promise, this time its a quick and fun process ] ๐Ÿ˜›

    Mix a cup of pure rose water with 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and pour it in your ice tray. Store it in your freezer and wait until it hardens into cubes and you’re ready with your instant face freshening ice toner ๐Ÿ˜€ This can be used after your face wash and even after returning home from hot sun to prevent excess sun damage.

    Save your skin and hair from this angry sun this summer naturally! :) Great day!

  16. says


    My favorite beauty tip is to use a blend of pure sweet-almond oil and jojoba oil (I use it in a 3:1 ratio) as a hair serum post shampooing. It works wonderfully in controlling frizz, gives a shine, gets absorbed into the hair shaft and nourishes form the inside and best of all, it doesn’t have those pesky silicone chemicals present in commercial serums that cause product buildup in hair after prolonged use. :)

    P.S.: I mistakenly pressed [Enter] (I thought FB shortcut of [Shift]+[Enter] for newline would work here too) while answering the love/hate question (could only answer the love part :P). Is there any way to change the answer or send you my complete answer? Or does that mean I am disqualified?

    • says

      Hi Swati!

      Yes, this serum does wonders for hair. And you only need like 4-5 drops of it just like commercial hair serums! BTW, I also started with plain almond oil but somehow it made my hair oily. Then I tried pure jojoba oil and while it does get absorbed in a jiffy it was not as effective and relatively costly… and then I had the idea of mixing the two and I have never wanted to try ANY other serum again. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Also, sadly, the widget doesn’t give me any ‘edit’ option. I have tried in both Firefox and Chrome (even with extensions disabled) just to be sure. May be it just allows ‘edit’ to the owner and not the entrants?

    • says

      Okay! :)

      So, the thing I love most about this blog is the inclusion of little beauty tips/suggestions and (sort of) DIY treatments in the posts that are natural, herbal (I am a sucker for herbal/organic) and do the ‘beautifying’ job wonderfully without breaking the bank (a college going girl can never be too careful with the budget, right?) :)

      Now, the thing that I dislike most (don’t get offended) is the placement of the adsense widget – it is so very intrusive! I have to scroll down significantly after the post’s title to actually read the post content. ๐Ÿ˜

    • says

      hey Indigo :) your tip is awesome!!! I have used almond oil but not jojoba yet :(
      regd the other answer, in the form, you will find a small edit option next to the place where it says DONE. you can re-enter your answer :)

    • says

      haha…yes, I know about the adsense thingy and actually, I am trying to find alternatives for that but frankly, that’s the best selling spot!!! but, give me sometime, I am already experimenting with different positions :)

  17. says

    My all time favorite beauty tip is “Apply curd on the face, leave it on for 10-15 mins and wash off. This not only helps in removing Tan but also nourishes my Dry skin, Leaving it soft and supple” :)

  18. shruthi says

    Hey congrats on ur 500 fans! I forgot to mention the thing that i don like abt ur blog. Hope it is ok if i mention it in the comments.
    What i feel is, when someone views a post, the previous posts can be made visible, like when i click on ur home page, the synopsis of the first post then the 2nd and 3rd and 4th can be made visible. This ensures ppl to check out the previous posts too if they have missed. Also i love the orange flower in the background, i feel it would be nice if it is all over in the background. It would be a grt contrast against the grey background!

    • says

      hey Shruthi…thank you so much :) regd. the background, its a default one available in blogger itself so I don’t think I will be able to edit it out…I shall definitely give it a try :)
      and regd. the jump breaks in the posts, I tried to do that but I didn’t really like it much but will again check it out…thank you so much for the feedback :) lemme see what I can do :)

  19. says

    Favorite beauty tips are very simple:
    1. Stay healthy from within — because I believe that with good health, everything else follows.
    2. Develop the habit of wearing sunscreen.
    3. Never sacrifice your sleep.

    • says

      hey Vivi….wow lovely to see your tips and they are so practical :) and, I am terribly failing at 1 and 3 :( I am not eating properly nor sleeping properly!!!

  20. Indu indgal says

    Hey swati, I did mnetion my beauty tip on the rafflecopter. Should I mention it in the comments also??

  21. Indu indgal says

    ok, Since you have mentioned it will be displayed and I saw the tips given by others I got confused :)

  22. bandana says

    Hi. New to ur blog and the whole blogosphere.i dn”t have any blog . U guys are doing an awesom j6b.
    This is a natural bleach safe to use once a wee
    Take 1 carrot, 1/2 tomato pulp, some coriander, 1/2 lemon juice. puree whole stuff. apply on face, neck even arms for 15 mints. wash off with water.

  23. gautami tripathy says

    My tip is that for any stubborn mark on your skin, apply castor oil on it. Keep it on all day long if you can (applying thrice daily helps too). In 3 weeks time it starts to fade away and then the mark is soon gone. Try it! I swear by castor oil!

    • says

      castor oil is amazing :) but, it shouldn’t be applied alone because its too concentrated but probably for acne and breakouts, it can be used alone!!! thanks Gautami :)

    • gautami tripathy says

      It can be applied all by itself. Actually thickness is what works best for the skin. I don’t have acne or breakout issues. My age spots/liver spots/sun spots/pigmentation have totally disappeared. Now I have a younger looking skin.

      Don’t be put off by its concentration!!!

  24. says

    1.)Mix 2 tbsp besan, 1 spoon raw milk, half tbsp lime juice, and few drops of olive oil to make a face pack, apply it daily to get fair skin & lighten sun tanned skin.

    2.)Eat as you please, but remember to exercise & workout.

    3.)Believe in yourself, your confidence always makes you glow & look beautiful.

  25. Er Khyati says

    Hi, I just entered the giveaway.. but i wrote the tips and love/hate for the blog in the rafflecopter only! and already submitted it. is it ok ?

  26. Shruti says

    Came across your blog when I was looking for a review on Omved!!
    and I cannot stop myself from seeing all your reviews( however I controlled myself..can’t overload the office bandwidth!!)
    Keep posting Swati..:)

  27. says

    Hey swati,
    First of all congrattttsss on 500 fans … keep it up :)

    I did mention my beauty tip on the rafflecopter. cant see it here !! is it ok ??

    • says

      hi Mansi..thank you so much…can you enter the beauty tip once again coz it didn’t get captured by rafflecopter…or, you can simply enter the beauty tip here as a comment also :)
      and, I moderate the comments so you can’t see them right away…I have to approve them before they appear on the blog.

  28. bha says

    hello there swati
    new fan here

    congrats ……..on 500 fans..great achievement

    i have mentioned my beauty tip in the rafflecopter .

    love your giveaway the best one so far because the winner can choose anything the had there eye on with 500 rs ๐Ÿ˜€
    thank you

    • says

      hi Promit…thank you so much. I shall definitely try to do articles on under eye products but the fact is that I don’t really use any under eye product!!! I simply use vitamin E oil from evion tablets.

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