Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN COLLAGENSHIELD SUNBLOCK SPF 90 PA+++ {Product Review}

Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN COLLAGENSHIELD SUNBLOCK SPF 90 PA+++ Sunscreen Product Review

Price: Rs 595 for 50gms

Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN COLLAGENSHIELD SUNBLOCK SPF 90 PA+++ Sunscreen Product Review
– blends easily with my skin
– goes well on the bare skin too
– gives a nice base layer for makeup
– can be finished off with a loose powder dusting and a lipstick
– expensive!!!
– too high claims from my point of view
– can’t apply the required dosage of sunscreen because of the tint
My Experience
Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN COLLAGENSHIELD SUNBLOCK SPF 90 PA+++ Sunscreen Product Review
I have been using this sunscreen since almost a month. Frankly, doing a review of a sunscreen is a very difficult task for me :( Either I know too much about it or I have an obsessive compulsive disorder. So, let me try to give an impartial review.First of all, I was actually frightened by the claims and the spf. I mean 90 is way too high and actually there is only a marginal protection increase between 30 and 50 and 90.
Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN COLLAGENSHIELD SUNBLOCK SPF 90 PA+++ Sunscreen Product ReviewAnyway, talking about the product, if you need a proper protection, you need to apply proper amount of sunscreen. So, nearly 1/4th to 1/3rd of a tea spoon of sunscreen should be applied daily. Now, since this sunscreen is tinted, that proves to be a huge problem as the tint tends to get patchy and sits on the skin which looks really bad, obviously!!!
And, one more thing I noticed is that my skin gets heated up sometimes to an uncomfortable degree when I am applying the product. That’s kinda weird, actually!!! Another con for me was that the sunscreen used to flake off my skin!!! Yes, I tested the sunscreen on bare skin and on skin with moisturiser and there was no pattern to flaking off. And, that was actually very inconvenient.
Yes, lots of cons so let me talk a little about the pros. It really gives a nice tint and is more or less sheer on the skin. But, it does give an even look to the skin. Finishing off this product with a loose powder and a lipstick is a really good idea. The sunscreen does give good protection and I am not the kind who reapplies. I did go out in the sun in the afternoons with this on but no, I didn’t tan out considerably.
Lotus Herbals SAFE SUN COLLAGENSHIELD SUNBLOCK SPF 90 PA+++ Sunscreen Product Review

Ok, another con is that this can’t be used as a body sunscreen. One more thing is that I think the tint is too dark and may make the fairer ones look a shade darker than they are. It blends nicely with the skin, though. And, to be frank, I did try to apply the required amount of sunscreen which is an impossibility when it comes to tinted products but yes, I have to use a tissue paper to remove the excess product almost always.

And, it does make my skin look shiny immediately on application. Though, the skin sort of settles down after an hour or so. And, yes, it does make the skin look a little brighter and that stays till the evening. And, this photographs well also. So, can be used as a foundation as well. So, as a sunscreen, my answer is no because its a chemical one and my personal preference is a physical sunscreen but if I have to say something, its a decent enough sunscreen though my preference would still be Neutrogena because of the stability factor.
PS: Product sent by the brand.
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  1. dr_rashmi says

    I had very high expectations from this product !!! SPF 90 …woah . . .maybe just to target the customer’s whims . . . !!!
    But flakes are sad. . .why cant we have that one sunscreen that is non-ashy, non-white-film-forming, non-patchy/flaky, and give us good protection too :(

    Have you tried the SPF 70 from the same range, i have heard some real good reviews about it . .its next on my wishlist !!!

    • says

      hi Rashmi…just as I said, I prefer neutrogena :) and, even this, many people liked so its not like a bad product or anything…its just that I know a little more about sunscreen facts ๐Ÿ˜€ and, I am obsessed with finding the perfect sunscreen!!!

    • dr_rashmi says

      Which product are we talking about here swati ??? neutrogena launched new sunscreen . .mujhe toh bataya bhi nahi ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

    • nami says

      well swati i dont think so you are expecting or want anything exceptional, it is totally up to the consumers to be vigilant about what they use on their skin Sadly, our governments still do not regulate the skin care industry,correct me if am wrong
      and spf 90?????? is misleading.. Studies found that sunscreens with an SPF higher than 50 don’t actually provide greater protection and back in2011 FDA issued new guidelines for the product’s labeling, designed to give us more information about its effectiveness..there were six things in dat guideline that we should know and one of the guideline was Sunscreens will no longer be able to carry an SPF value higher than 50, and the highest category will now be 50+

    • says

      haha….I am so glad that the consumers are becoming aware…your comment made me positively happy coz people are literally flocking to buy the highest spf products without even knowing if its actually worth it or not!!!yes, the FDA guidelines made it perfectly clear that some particular words can’t be mentioned like sunblock and 50+, all give equal amount of protection with marginal differences…I wish these were done in India as well….these guidelines are being imposed by this may and hopefully, we shall see neutrogena and such brands following those conventions soon!!!
      Btw, I am using the lastest neutrogena sunscreen which was launched recently…its white in color…its better than dryblock!!! used it twice only but it doesn’t get oily even though I apply a lot!!!!!!!

    • dr_rashmi says

      itne sare EOs . . .great haul . .i have only one EO . . teatree oil . .i m planning to get castor, eucalyptus and lavender very soon :)

    • nami says

      ha ha okay:)
      and datz great swati if you are liking neutrogena sunscreen ..even i have found my hg material…you know I absolutely do not like Europeans sun-care products. When i was using only european sun-care products , it created this sunblock phobia , and made me dread putting on sunblock due to it’s greasy, oily, uncomfortable texture. From La Roche Posay, to Avene, to Bioderma etc – i never really liked a single one – and even those sunscreen which claims to be made for ‘oily combination’ skin were so greasy and uncomfortable to wear.
      i also adore zinc oxide ones:) and the brand am using is surely ace..very light fluffy and moist in texture. It spreads really easily and gives you a really moist juicy feeling A few minutes of application, and you have a matte feeling.. really comfortable to use as an everyday product !
      I am such a sucker for these things! :)

  2. Tanmayee says

    Sunscreens SPF have become a big marketing gimmick nowadays !! All coming with the higest of SPFs…….how do we know if it really has tht ?? nice post swati!

    • dr_rashmi says

      have you tried H & H pharma brand sunscreen sunban forte swati ??? They offer high protection, dermatologists recommend them with sun sensitive products !!!

    • says

      hey Tanmayee…that’s the very reason I would spend on sunscreens ๐Ÿ˜€ And, I really wish we had zinc oxide ones in India as well!!! that’s safest.

    • dr_rashmi says

      No it doesnt have zinc oxide and yes its greasy . . but its one of those rare products that dint get me tanned . .i liked the good protection !!

    • says

      nope!!! actually I have deep disregard for dermatologist recommended ones…I have used so many and all are so greasyyyyyy and I never can apply them religiously….btw, does it have zinc oxide????

    • says

      actually, you know, Taps, soleo costs 1200 bucks around but one tube can last easily upto 6 months or more coz I used the sample for 5 times!!! an, that was with overuse and I didn’t know about the product texture and one doesn’t know the quantity in the sample. it could have easily come to 7 times if used properly. so, I think the price is fine coz even these normal sunscreens are way too expensive and don’t last that long!!!

  3. Padmaja says

    Is 90 the highest SPF in India? has it not crossed 100 ?
    The higher the spf, the more flaky it would be

  4. says

    Nice detailed review. i never applied it without a moisturizer. my Skin is burning in this heat without a good moisturizer :(. Flaky skin is such a horrifying thought for me as already have a super dry skin.

  5. says

    hii ,my skin is white-brown ,i am usin but i won’t use it now
    my skin is little oilly ,i amusing Lotus Safe sun herbal for MEN,but after using for 2 day my skin started to get pimpal,i really didnot had any yet ,i donot know why ,using this product ,my skin seems to be more damaged,i am not sure ,if it works for u or not,but this is really bad for me however my skin is not sensitive ,its normal and good ,i have not pimpal yet ,now it is trying to come,HELP ME

  6. Anonymous says

    Hello ! I have quite an oily skin type which is acne prone and blemished . Iam looking for a sunscreen which is tinted and sweat resistant (as I perspire a lot ) . Also Iam looking for a safer choice ( preservative free ) . So Iam a lil confused b/w lotus spf 90 and 70. Please guide .

  7. Shweta Singh says

    I would like to add another con. I am using this product from last 14 days, since then my skin has some rashes and more of it appears as fungal infection, when i remove at night i have to use some ointment for fungal infection.

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