Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash {Product Review}

Price: Rs 245 for 100ml
Neem extract 0.5%, orange peel 0.5%, aloevera 2%, honey 1%, calendule extract 0.5%, cucumber extract 0.2%, chandan (sandalwood) extract 0.1%, cleansing base.
– Doesn’t dry out the face unless used in too much quantity
– Brightens the face
– Packaging is not very friendly
– Stings the eyes and nasal tract
– Doesn’t cleanse well if you have done an oil massage
– Cleansing Base is a mysterious ingredient
My Experience
To start with, it smells nice but I hate the packaging. It comes with a open wide-mouthed bottle which always dispenses more than enough of the face wash and when in hurry, you can see that the product gets easily wasted. The bottle is not easy to handle in the shower either as it is slippery. A stopper or a flip-top cap would have been better.
Also, the product is very runny so use it with care. Very little product is enough for once. The bottle can easily last a month if used properly. Ok, the biggest problem with the product is that it stings my eyes and nasal tract badly. Ok, I cleanse my skin extra-properly because of which the face wash always gets into my eyes and this one gets into my nose as well coz its so runny :(
I have also noticed that it doesn’t cleanse my skin well when I apply oil to remove the sunscreen in the evenings. But, otherwise, it really cleanses the face well and shows an immediate brightening of the skin. It also doesn’t leave the skin stretched or dry. But, if the product is used in huge quantity, it does dry out the face.
Also, I feel Just Herbs is almost like Biotique because this also uses a mysterious thing called cleansing base in which other extracts have been added. I would love to know the details of this cleansing base. I want to try out their face masks as they seem really impressive and there is apparently no mysterious ingredient in them either. 

PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.
PS 1: Thanks a lot for the amazing response to my giveaway. Its over now and give me sometime to check up on all the entries and announce the winner.


    • Padmaja says

      Hey… I too got the neem pulpy facewash from Auravedic…seriously, I didn’t expect it to be that way…I mean I thought, it would be real pulp of the ingredients…but it’s full of oils…with so much oil, it definitively wont brighten the face

      Which one did u get ? How are u finding it ?

    • says

      I received the honey almond one long back for review but it didn’t suit me at that time!!! so I was out of face washes and thought it to be a good time to check out the product again so started using it since yesterday :) too early to say how it feels but yeah, some extracts would have been good with the oils!! lets see how it goes but at least its a completely natural face wash without SLS and other things so I am happy for that :)

    • Padmaja says

      I feel it’s almost natural…
      Will take sometime to see how it fares… but wanted to know if you feel it as a facewash…

    • says

      its definitely natural as much as possible and is doing fine as far as the face washing goes but will take some more time to judge properly :) do let me know how it goes for you and then we can publish the reviews together ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Shruti says

    I wanted to try this but I am scared coz I have sensitive skin:(So m sticking to my trusted Cetaphil!!I have tried the anti tan face pack from the same brand and its quite nice for an ‘after work’ rejuvenation..:)

    • Shruti says

      Oh yes..you should try them..
      After reading your blog,I m so tempted to purchase so many thing but UNFORTUNATELY I am broke:(

    • says

      haha Shruti, you are absolutely right!!! that’s why I always try to keep the product reviews as less as possible coz they can be so tempting!!! don’t worry much about that coz even I am broke and in case you do wanna buy some product, you can always ask me back if I would actually recommend it or not and I shall let you know my opinion if I have used the product :)

    • Shruti says

      Thank you Swati..:)
      I have just got this IHA Biospume shampoo..m a sucker for ayurvedic products..(i know..no money but will still buy)will let you know how it is!!:)

  2. Anonymous says

    the ‘mysterious’ cleansing base is what keeps me away from trying most products! If a brand calls itself natural/herbal and has confidence in its ingredients then it must disclose everything that goes into making the product and not just the ‘key ingredients’ or some cleansing base which could be packed with chemicals! …Pranali

    • Pranali says

      such a shame that the land which is famous for ayurveda has brands which advertise under the ayurvedic ingredients but are basically chemicals through and through! there must be a regulation brought which would provide guidelines for a product to call itself ayurvedic! for eg: the brand herbal essences has nothing herbal about it! LOL

    • says

      so true Pranali :) even I think that these cleansing bases and base lotions are regular things available in a chemist shops which has all the preservatives and everything and is made of emulsifying wax and other things and these brands buy those and add their own extracts and sell them off with their own brand name.

    • Pranali says

      and people fall for the ayurvedic claims! I’ve decided never to buy products which print incomplete ingredient list! And bdw, i had really liked the snow white background that your blog had few days back :)

    • says

      seriously :( apparently these regulations are not very stringent!!! they have to be really changed…frankly even lotus doesn’t have anything herbal about it or himalaya for that matter or as you said, herbal essences!!! they are just playing on the psyche of people and naming the products that way so that people would be tempted.

    • Padmaja says

      I agree with the regulation part…the personal care products market with ayurveda, herbal and organic as the base is going to expand and only become bigger in future…

      Well, I agree that any skin care product needs to mention the complete list of ingredients…whether chemical or herbal…but I don’t expect any product branded natural to be completely natural…atleast preservatives are added..
      As for herbal essences, I have read some good reviews about their products…but with all the colours in the bottles, I never took it seriously

      I like the way Burt’s Bee mentions how much % a particular product of their’s is natural

    • says

      yes, burt’s bees is a natural brand and its follows FDA rules…they are a little stringent about it. even I don’t like products which do not mention preservatives and in fact, I don’t have issues with parabens coz at least I know that my product won’t go bad!!! herbal essences never attracted me so I never really checked them out.
      I am generally on the lookout for products which are transparent more than anything!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    I wonder why you have kept everything in large font except that PS: Product sent by brand for consideration. I think you shouldn’t position in a manner which is easy to escape by the human eye. Keep it in the same font as your review, that would definitely be ethical.

  4. says

    Nice Review Swati..though for my skin Himalaya Neem is always dependable.. I do try out face wash but I am always back to my first love, Himalaya Neem. It works wonders for my face :)

    • says

      aah…I don’t have any first loves :( really need one!! guess, I would make lush my next target. have been eyeing dark angels since long so probably would settle for that.

  5. Millie Wedlock says

    It may not have worked so well with you but perhaps it will with the others, considering each individual has a different type of skin and could make products vary for its effectiveness. Nevertheless, I couldn’t really agree more with your critics about the container.

  6. Renuca says

    Ah, my search for the perfect facewash continues..as some of the other girls have commented I too am very suspicious of marketeers who only provide key ingredients. I have decided not to use products containing SLS, a rather difficult task esp where facewashes are concerned.

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