How do I use Essential Oils? {DIY}

When I had posted my haul last week, many of the requests were on how to use the essential oils. The answer to that is that I use EO’s practically in everything. So, let me just share some of my tips.
Essential Oils used in Skin CareSkin Care
  • I use couple of drops of EO’s if I make my own scrubs any time. For example, today I made one – yogurt + besan after long long time and I used 10drops of ginger and 10 drops of Bergamot. But, that’s actually a lot. Limit it to 10 at max. 
  • I am using Fig and Honey moisturiser currently. So, I added a couple of EO’s to it. I have around 150ml bottle of the moisturiser left so I could add up to 3ml of EO’s (that’s 60 drops of EO’s). The math is done here. I added Patchaouli, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Frankinscence in equal drops (10 each). And, that’s a lot, trust me. You can see a layer of oil over the moisturiser when you add. So, don’t go overboard!!! 
  • I add at most 10 drops of any EO to my bath sometimes if I want to relax. I have used Lavender, Neroli and Ylang Ylang till now. 
  • I have made a toner using the EO’s. I will post the recipe soon. 
Essential Oils used in Hair Care
Hair Care
  • Let’s start with the hair oil. I have added ginger, cinnamon bark, rosemary to my hair oils as they help in hair growth.
  • Moving on, the next product is shampoo. I had added 20 drops of Rosemary EO to my Dove Shampoo and now, I have added 20 drops of Rosemary and 20 drops of Ylang Ylang to my Pantene shampoo
  • Similarly, I added essential oils to my Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment and L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Masque. Though, I haven’t used them since I have added the EO’s coz of the treatment. 
  • Also, check out my DIY aloevera scalp gel for hair growth which is entirely based on the efficacy of the essential oils. 
So, those are some of the tips on how to use essential oils in day to day life. And, of course, my perfume oils too. So, how do you use the EO’s or plan to use them??


    1. Padmaja says

      Gud u shared how u use EOs in your skin care regime :)

      Dont u think 6 EOs at one shot a bit too much? How does it smell when u mix so many EOs ?

      Bet’ i hope u would clarify my doubt about using EOs which dont blend :)

      • says

        haha…at that time I was just too excited so I tried it out…didn’t think that it was good or not…btw, the 6 EO’s I used together do mix up with each other so no issues there. yes, I will definitely try to find out that too.
        oh btw, it smells fine…can’t define it but you can smell lot at once :) and, not in a bad way. personal opinion, though!

    2. shruthi says

      That is really awesome! Please keep posting more info abt EO’s… And pls post the toner using EO recipe soon… Am waiting for tat one! Thanks a lot for introducing EO’s :)

    3. Princess says

      i have essential oils too.. i have germanium and i have lavender and i have ocean salts ( i think they r bath salts) .. i thot i can only use them while bathing… or maybe while doing up a room… can it be possible to use them elsewhere…. i read this though and so dont think they should be used anywhere on skin/scalp :

      Because essential oils are so concentrated, it is usually best to dilute them with a neutral carrier oil, such as grapeseed, wheatgerm, hazelnut, avocado, sweet almond, jojoba, coconut or olive, to avoid irritating the skin. Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to a teaspoon of your chosen carrier oil & blend well. Do not use directly on skin.Please consult with physician before use.

      • says

        I have never liked geranium but I haven’t had the essential oil yet so can’t really say!!!yes, ocean salts are bath salts and they can’t be used for scrubbing. you can use it for pedicures or pour a cup in your bath water when you are extremely tired. it really helps even if you can’t soak in it :) I don’t think they can be used any other way but I will try to find out.

    4. says

      I don’t mean to sound rude and I hope I don’t come off that way. I am wondering if there can be real benefit to using essential oils when you use products like Pantene, which is one of the worst shampoos out there? I know nothing about the moisturizer you listed but I wonder if it wouldn’t be more natural and beneficial to use one with fewer ingredients? I guess it depends on what’s important to each of us.
      Thank you.

      • says

        hi Alex…honestly, saying that paneten is one of the worst might be wrong coz all the OTC products have more or less same ingredients and just coz it doesn’t suit one doesn’t mean it doesn’t suit all…I myself prefer to use products more gentle on hair but yes, these OTC products have their own advantages.
        and, regarding the claim which I have heard a lot of times that products with fewer ingredients are better, it might not be exactly true and can just be a prejudice coz there are many natural or herbal or even organic products which have long list of ingredients so can’t say anything on the length of their ingredient list and efficacy…the natural market has really been exploiting the normal cosmetics, I feel. and, as you said, its better to know what we want for each one of us.
        also, using EO’s for shampoo is beneficial or not, I can only say that it smells nice and probably is a wee bit better but can’t really justify it. it can be psychological as well on my part. I can say that it just feels pampering to me to know I have added essential oils and nothing else :)

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