Home Remedies for skin dryness {DIY}

I received a comment from Khushboo asking me how to deal with skin dryness and bring a glow to the face and how to make the skin look fresh. Its a huge complicated thing and probably I can write many many posts on that. So, I thought I would start with home remedies for skin dryness.

Rub a slice of banana on your face and neck. It helps with anti-aging, tightening the skin and also moisturises your skin simultaneously.

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Apply a thin or thick mask of honey on your face and let it stay for 15-3 minutes or more if you can manage. Wash off. Amazing for dry skin and not messy at all.

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Aloevera Gel
Natural aloevera gel is extremely beneficial for dry skin as it improves the hydration power of the skin from inside. Yes, it is drying for the skin so apply it first and follow with a moisturiser if you feel your skin has become stretched. It also is a great after-sun treatment and acts best when used as a night moisturiser.

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      yeah, Divya, me too :) a great mask when one wants to chill out but not really go through the whole messy process of applying a face pack and cleaning it.

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    You could also try olive oil. It’s a bit messy as it penetrates the skin slowly. But it hydrates well, and it protects the skin from UV rays and other forms of damage (it actually contains same fatty acids that are found in the sebum).

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