Flipflops from Oasap.com

Flipflops with a bow @ Perfect Skin Care for you
the bow for the other flipflop came off :(

Hey guys, I wanted to share what I got from Oasap.com recently. So, check out the snaps. Btw, a word about the website, I love the things they have. They have amazing bags, belts, footwear, scarfs, everything!! And, I am not even speaking about the clothes which are just simply gorgeous except some of the things which you can’t wear easily in India :)

Flipflops @ Perfect Skin Care for you
are they looking asymmetrical or are they looking good even with the missing bow?
The bow @ Perfect Skin Care for you
– worldwide shipping is free
– awesome stuff
– the bow on one of my flipflops came off!!! I would have liked it stitched instead of pasted with some quickfix or something.
– the flipflops are not exactly soft. I like soft footwear. 
– they are not flat even though they are mentioned under flats. They have an inch of heel, platform style. I like entirely flat footwear. 
What do you think? And, don’t forget to check out their site here.

PS: I was provided a coupon from the website.


  1. Coral Crue says

    they look really pretty! even though a bow is missing, still looks cute. i hadn’t noticed that lol

  2. RAY says

    Hi…nice flip-flops. This looks like something I would buy. I don’t like really flat flip-flops, a need a little lift :).Will definitely checkout this site

  3. Anonymous says

    Very cute flip flops. I love these chappals, they are so comfy and since I have a casual dress code in office, I even wear them to office. The only problem that I face here is dry skin. Since so much of the feet is exposed, it gets dry and dirty very fast. I have to keep applying moisturiser at all times. So I got a permanent solution, Parachute’s advansed body lotion. It is light and absorbs well and stays on for really long. I am in love with this product. Now, hello only flip flops and bye bye covered shoes.

  4. Padmaja says

    Nice flipflops Swati! even with one bow they look cute …I saw the ad links of this site but never really cared to chk out …checked out after ur post…the collection is really nice…I may get a bag :)

  5. dr_rashmi says

    awww dats sooo cute <3 . . sad the bow came off . . but you can get it stuck with some strong glue no ??

  6. Padmaja says

    Now on popular demand, u need to stick the bow ;P

    By the way, happened to read on Rashmi’s blog … U were asking about oriflame consultant in hyderabad….they have office in somajiguda…u can call up and ask for a consultant no…

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