Complain to Google for removing duplicate posts

A few days back I complained that some guys duplicated my articles. Here’s a further update on that issue. Google released its Penguin (I sooooo love Penguins with their cute walk and small wings :D) update recently on April 24th. Somehow, I missed that news entirely. And, a lot many changes were done on the SEO and page ranking stuff. I know that doesn’t interest you as a reader but wait, let me explain that in simple words. 
Duplicate content is something google is taking very very seriously and it can very well hamper the page rank of the original blogs as well. So, if you every find any of the posts of your favourite blogger, please please and please report to them at once. It really would save us a lot of trouble and heart burn. 
For bloggers – if you find a post of your copied anywhere, you can simply go to this link and lodge a complaint. Its all legal, as well. They ask for the original and the duplicate URL’s. And, then, they check and if your complaint is legitimate, they delete the duplicate page. And, yes, I checked it. They replied to me within 12 hours so that’s fast service as well :)
PS:  Another thing here is that if you ever find anyone copy pasting your work, please contact the person first of all and ask them to remove the content. This method of reporting to google should be done as the most drastic measure. Many people copy paste your work without really knowing how it will affect anyone. This is in respect to the copy pasting done on genuine blogs and not spammy websites / blogs.

PS 1: Totally unrelated but if you find a medium size tee with a penguin on it, please buy it immediately and courier it to me ๐Ÿ˜€ I shall pay for it!!!


  1. says

    Great post Swati..bookmarking this post :)
    I have seen a few times, other blog’s content on some irrelevant sites and have asked around but they told me that it’s legitimate…now I get really confused which are legitimate and which aren’t!

    And u want a penguin tee ๐Ÿ˜€ hehehe..ok would lookout one for u ๐Ÿ˜›

    • says

      oh, is it???? that’s weird!!! anyway, this one definitely applies to me coz I never post the same content anywhere else…sometimes bloggers post their content at various places for more visibility so may be that’s the reason you saw several copies!!!

      please, do…I so want a penguin tee ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. says

    I was your all time silent reader Swati :) you are doing a great job i must say.. a pat on the back for all the good blog work that you are doing and sharing :) wonderful! and yeah Penguin tee.. i will keep that in mind :)

  3. Padmaja says

    This is such an helpful post Swati…
    Good job! :)
    By the way, did they remove ur posts from their sites ?

    • says

      the link which you posted, that was deleted by google. the other website is yet to delete…I gave them a week’s time after that I shall report to google!!!

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