Aloevera Scalp Gel for Hair Growth {DIY}

Aloevera Scalp Gel for Hair Growth

This is my first DIY which includes essential oils and are the heart and soul of this DIY after the perfume oil DIY.

  • Aloevera Gel
  • Rosemary EO
  • Lavender EO
  • Cinnamon Bark EO
  • Ginger EO
Essential Oils for Hair Growth - Rosemary, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lavender


I used the Rustic Art aloevera gel for this recipe. I would not recommend fresh aloevera gel because of two reasons – first, preservation issues and second, you are not sure of how much quantity you have and how many drops of EO should be added. Thus, its better to use the commercially available aloevera gel. Take 100gms of the product and remember my guidelines to using EO’s
In skin or hair care, you should use only 1-2% concentration of EO’s and do not exceed as it can actually be allergic and harmful. So, for 100gms of aloevera gel, we can add 2 gms of EO and we use the equivalence of 1ml = 1gm though that’s strictly not true. So, according to the 2% concentration, we can add 2ml of EO’s. 1ml has 20 drops so 40 drops of EO per 100ml/gm of any product.
Add 10 drops of each essential oil to the aloevera gel. Mix it and leave in a dark place for 24 hours. Rosemary takes care of dandruff, Cinnamon and Ginger stimulate hair follicles and increase blood circulation and Lavender is conditioning for the hair besides helping in hair growth. Do not use more than 3-4 EO’s per DIY as too many EO’s might interact negatively with each other and can make the product extremely potent as well.
Apply this gel on your scalp right after you finish with your entire hair wash and shower. Do not apply it when you hair is dripping. Wait the hair to get dry a bit and then apply to the scalp so that it doesn’t cause breakage. There are two advantages – your scalp is clean so the product gets absorbed quickly and without any fear of trapping dust and since the base of the product is aloevera, it moisturizes the scalp nicely and prevents itching, flaky scalp and other scalp problems.
I made this DIY before I left for Delhi and have used it just once. Now that I am on a hair treatment, I am not using anything except the products prescribed. That’s mainly to test the efficacy and worth of those products. But, I can vouch for one thing that this scalp gel does help in hair growth. Why? Remember the ginger tonic I mentioned? 
We are using ginger essential oil in this recipe and when I had applied this gel, it had tingled my scalp and gave me the feeling of warmth more than that ginger tonic does. Don’t worry regarding the tingling. Its just coz of ginger. Even if you apply ginger juice or onion juice, the scalp tingles a bit and also makes the scalp warm meaning the blood circulation has increased. And, the gel doesn’t make the hair heavy or greasy or anything. In fact, it keeps the scalp moisturised and the hair around the roots soft. It can be applied daily as well.
And, I am really hoping that you will give it a try :)


    • says

      hey…thanks Padmaja :) yes, keeping it in dark for a day helps the EO’s to mix up nicely with the aloevera gel. and, afterwards, it can be applied immediately and even daily…it doesn’t make the hair greasy or heavy or anything :)

    • Padmaja says

      Just want to know something from your experience.. here u have used four EOs …what happens when u use 2 EOs which dont blend with each other.. is it desirable using 2 EOs that dont blend ?

    • says

      oh my gosh!!! you asked such a good question and I had completely forgotten about that. actually, I know that two non-compatible EO’s shouldn’t be used in perume making for obvious reasons but I didn’t think about that in skin and hair care. I will definitely check up on that…thanks for pointing it out :)

  1. Dawn says

    Hi Swati,

    After shampooing, rinse, can I condition the hair before applying this aloe mixture on the scalp? After applying this mixture, we don’t need to rinse it off? Just style as usual. Sorry, i have so many questions! :)

    • says

      hi Dawn…you have to apply this gel after you finish your hair wash and shower routine completely and your hair is almost midway to drying off. Aloevera gets absorbed into the scalp pretty easily so you do not need to wash it off. and, yes, you can style your hair as usual. and, no problem regarding the questions :)

    • Dawn says

      Thank you, Swati! :) I’m going to get the ingredients and try it this weekend. have a great weekend! :)

  2. Renuca says

    Hi Swati, this seems interesting and I have wanted to buy from Moksha for awhile. However they seem to impose a 30 USD charge for an order less than 50 USD! Were you able to overcome that? Also wanted to know if you paid in USD or INR.

    • says

      hey Renuca…oh no, you need not pay all that….mail them at and write down what all things you want to order them…they charge extra 100 rs per kg for courier charges so make sure you have entire 1kg of order. they will charge you in INR only. when you order, please let them know that you came through me :)

  3. Renuca says

    awesome Swati..thx for the advice. Will definitely give them your reference. Must say I’m enjoying reading your posts, even though I’m a poor commentor…keep them coming. :)

    • says

      thanks Renu :) do keep commenting whenever you feel like!!! I know we do feel lazy sometimes 😀 and, yes, do let me know about what all you buy!!! and, don’t worry about asking questions. it was difficult for me the first time. I had ordered only 5 EO’s and I saw that it was only like 200 gms or something around. I got the 10ml ones. So, use that 1 kg properly. Actually, its just a hit and trial but if you are getting only EO’s, I am pretty sure you can get many but if you are getting oils as well then calculate like 1ml = 1gm. That would give you a rough idea how much would come in 1kg and its better you go overboard coz then if they charge you 200 for courier, you can cut down on your order accordingly :) I did that the second time!!!

  4. Renuca says

    Thanks Swati, great advice as always..I have gone overboard,;) and am waiting for their reply..

    • says

      hey Renu, awesome :) hope you will get an answer soon but in case you don’t get any answer by tuesday, mail them at “Ajit Singh”
      because sometimes the owner which is Ashish who controls the main mailing list is out of country so there is a delay in checking and replying to the mails.

  5. Neepa says

    Hi Swati,
    Have you been using this regularly since May? If yes,can you share the results..? been 3 months now right – would love to hear from you how you benefitted.. given that all of us have such crazy lifestyles, i wouldlike to stick to one particular & easy to maintain schedule! pls help

    • says

      hey Neepa, nope, actually, I mentioned that I am not using it coz I was on a treatment. I have started using it a week back so I shall probably update after a month or so coz I am not really regular with it!!! but,I can say that rosemary essential oil really helped me so I can say that this one will really help. I know what you mean by easy schedule…me too!!! I am so lazy but my hair routine is very complicated :(

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    Can u also mix the EOs in coconut oil and apply to scalp before washing off after a couple of hours? Do you think it would give the same results??

    • says

      yes, you can do that. but, this DIY is specifically to be left for long lasting effects because you need not wash it out and can be done daily so this is a little better than coconut oil one :)

  7. Anonymous says

    Swati can I apply the gel only from the fresh aloe plant into my scalp without washing it out and how often can I do this

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