Open Pores? {Reader’s Query}

“I am having normal to skin, I don’t have acne problems but I have some tiny pores around my cheeks and in the forehead. Please do suggest me a solution for this. I don’t know how I got this pores , I use to scrub my face once in three days. I thought this should be a problem so I have started to use scrub once in one week.”

Open Pores and Causes
Open pores are one of the worst problems of a smooth and flawless look. I do have huge pores on my cheeks, upper lip area and even forehead and sometimes, when my face is too oily, these pores look even bigger which is such a buster for me. Open pores are not exactly a problem but can occur to anyone at any age. 
In fact, the size of the pores is dependent on two factors, neither of which are under your control – heredity and age. Yes, if either of your parents have large pores, your tend to get large pores and sometimes, the size of these pores tend to increase with age or rather the prominence of the pores increases with age. 
How to control the Open Pores
Reducing the size of the pores is impossible. So, any product which promises to do that is lying. Ok, yes, it is possible to get a flawless look with the help of foundations or tinted creams but if you use mineral makeup, sometimes, the pores can get enhanced instead of getting covered up depending on the quality of the product. This can happen with cream foundations too at times if its not blended well. Thus, to get a flawless look, it is essential to have a good brush for application as well as a good product. 
Also, since the size of the pores is more, the dirt can get entrapped more easily and likely, there is more dirt inside so cleansing of the pores becomes essential. Generally, oily skin has larger pore size and consequently, more secretion of sebum. Thus, the pores have to cleansed on a regular basis. Three times a week is a good routine.
Home Remedies to reduce the pore size
These are temporary solutions and can be done as a quick fix.
  • Egg White mask: makes the face firmed up, lifted up and pores size also gets decreased. 
  • Ice cubes: Cold constricts the pores size and gives a flawless blending of the foundation. 
  • Cucumber: Similar to ice cubes effect. 
  • Honey: helps in making the skin smooth. 
What do you do for open pores? 


  1. Anonymous says

    when i use anti dandruff shampoo i face so many pimples on face i m soo worried about it. can u pls help me thnx

    • says

      hey…that particular shampoo doesn’t suit you…whenever you wash it off, the residue remains on the face and forehead and is causing the pimples and breakouts…change your shampoo…I would recommend nizoral…its a medicated shampoo and extremely effective for dandruff. hope this helps :)

  2. says

    Thanks for these ideas Swati. Even I suffer from open pores but have never found a satisfying solution. Will try these and let you know the results. :)

  3. Krishna Patel says

    I will definitely try the egg mask because everyone says it works wonders but only temporarily. Thanks :)

    • says

      yeah…all these work only temporarily :) btw, you were asking about cocoa butter….you can check out or or even garden of wisdom are amazing sites for such raw materials and you get organic stuff too :)

    • says

      hi Simran….regd the pores, I have mentioned some remedies in the post and regd getting a glow on the face, I shall do a post on it soon :) till that time, I can say that tomato and cucumber slices work out really well :)

  4. Anonymous says

    I have deep scarce on my face nto oily skin I really hate my self suggest me best dermatologist plz……..

  5. Anonymous says

    hi i am maha i am so mcuh worry about my open pores my face open pores are too much large size i used lots medicine and herbal and home made remedies but no any change its saviour problem plz tell me any medicated cream i want to use Retin A cream but there is short in karachi plz suggest me for open pores

  6. S.caroline says

    I think, if exfoliation doesn’t work, you should consider treating your skin as if its dehydrated, I read pores can enlarge if the skin barrier is damaged and the skin suffers water loss. Its worse if your like me and have oily skin because the pores trap oil in and become larger (dehydrated skin cannot shed properly) I think if you try the exfoliation route, dead sea salt scrubs may be beneficial as it contains minerals & hydrates the skin.

  7. says

    I use a sugar lemon scrub on my face once a week and it leaves your skin smooth like a baby’s bum (I mix white sugar, lemon juice and I add a dash of olive oil for moisturisation). Does not dry my skin out at all because I gently scrub and rinse with warm water and then cold water to close the pores and then I put my night cream on. A lot of our products don’t work because we have so many layers of dead skin cells and the product can’t get through the layers to where it is needed most. Exfoliation is a must at least once a week and it’s best to do it at night because that is when your skin renews itself. A warm bath is also a good idea because it opens the pores so that the products get absorbed. And I must mention that I have sensitive mature skin and the above mixture does not cause a negative reaction. Having said that though every skin type is different. You should do it early evening so that once you have applied your night cream your skin has time to absorb it properly before going to bed otherwise it will just rub off on your pillow.

  8. Anonymous says

    Use egg white mask (twice a week) and apply besan with multani mitti and rose water everyday.
    In couple of weeks you will definitely notice positive change in your face and 100% noo side effects.

    Good Luck :)

  9. Sakshi sharma says

    Hey, i have an open pore problem, my skin is oily in summers. I also get small itchy red bumps on every area of my face. What should I do ?

  10. sangeeta gupta says

    i hv open and large pore problem though i m using orange peels daily but i dont find any results .pls advise me

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