My special surprise to my parents!!!

Aloha Delhi!!! Yes, I landed in Delhi so suddenly that even I haven’t yet absorbed the reality after two nights here. So, how did that come about? My professor is out of country and my colleague is off to a conference for about a week and I had been dying to visit my parents since two months. So, all the circumstances culminated in my booking a ticket to Delhi immediately for the next day!!! I thoguht it would be a nice surprise to see the shocked faces of mom and dad when I’ll be at the door ๐Ÿ˜€
I have been staying for 9 years away and the time has increased my longing and respect for the place called ‘home’. I always prepare a list of my most-wanted dishes to be prepared (my needs keep on changing) whenever I am to go home. Dad starts making plans for our outings and weekend trips, if any. We are a family of 3 and we have always been travel-loving. Earlier, we used to have a yearly road trip for a family vacation. Since the years I have been away, they have reduced a bit but we always make time for it.
So, while on the flight, I couldn’t stop smiling anticipating the reaction of mom and dad. They have recently shifted to Delhi so I didn’t even know the way to home. I have an decent idea of Delhi and had the address on hand so was quite confident that I would reach home without any mishaps. So, as soon as I landed in Delhi, I took a metro to New Delhi and then, further to Saket. Finally, an auto did get me to the locality. But, you wouldn’t believe it, when I reached home, it wasn’t mine ๐Ÿ˜€ And, I realised that I had got the house number wrong!!! 
I immediately gave a call to mom on her mobile. No answer. On Landline. No answer. Again!! No answer. I called up Dad. No answer. Again, I tried home. No answer. Again!! And, finally, mom lifted. And, on the pretext of asking the address for a courier issue, I got the correct house number. Thankfully, I was in the right area so I didn’t really have to walk a lot. Did a bit of asking and there I was home, sweet home :) It’s really weird how one can sense if a place is home or not.
And, there was mom. Mom is not the hugging types, you know!! But, of course, I could see the surprise and the happiness she was trying to keep away from showing ๐Ÿ˜€ And, then, I had upma and poha prepared by mom. The flight had nothing more than a sandwich to offer :( I was starving!! Aaahhh, it was heaven to eat home food after so long. And, now half of the surprise was still pending. My dad wasn’t yet aware, right? And, I asked mom not to tell him. 
So, my dad comes up @ 6:30 something and he was really tired and sleepy. So, when I did booooo (you know hiding behind the door and scaring a person), he was really startled and went into a shock ๐Ÿ˜€ He couldn’t digest the fact that I was really there for quite long!!! And, I couldn’t stop laughing. So, that was my surprise which was long-pending. I had dreamt of this for years together but things never worked out. But, I finally did it!!


  1. manya says

    Ohh gr8 surprise for mom and dad, me too decide what recipe I would to love to have at home when I wouid go and all!

  2. Deepa says

    Hey Swati Nice Post…. Even im staying away from home for almost 5 yrs now…. and i used to give similar type of surprise to my parents…. And ofcourse yes i do give a big list of dishes to be prepared to my mom….

  3. says

    hi swati quite a surprise haan! i enjoyed readin the whole stuff so much it was like so gud.hope u have gr8 time there. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy yr trip and yr mom made home food.

    • says

      oh yeah, Ansh :) already visited select citywalk…planning to go for haagen daaz today for the icecream :) its yummy. did you try??? check out the strawberry flavours in the fruit section. i’ll definitely check out the hard rock cafe :)

  4. says

    Aww.That is so sweet Swati. You are in Delhi so welcome to my city. Do visit Vasant Kunj Promenade and Ambience in Vasant Kunj too. Great places to hang out. :)

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