My good deed for the day :D

this was my request

Ok, so, this is pretty random and means a lot lot to me :) No, I didn’t do anything great!!! Its just that I helped an unknown (redundant) complete stranger to select a hair style for her engagement next week!!! How did that happen? I posted a request on the Luxy Hair facebook page regarding a hair style which I found very pretty. And, later on, this girl turns up and asks for the video for my request.

Me: Hey, I have just put up this request so the video is not yet up!!!
Her: Oh, I needed an open hair style for my engagement next week.
Me: You should check out their youtube channel. 
And, I go and check out their youtube channel because I remembered a very pretty greek goddess hair style I watched a while back. I dig it up and post the link to the video for her. And, she liked it a lot and finalises on the hair style. Well, I don’t know if she is gonna stay with it till next week (girls are liable to change their minds) but then I felt like I did a very nice job ๐Ÿ˜€ And, I am feeling sooooooo happy for her.

Btw, before I forget, yes, you would also want to know about which on eI chose so check out the video. This is from Luxy Hair which has a youtube channel run by two twins – Leyla and Mimi and they are just soooooo beautiful and have gorgeous hair and their videos are amazing!!! I kinda developed a girl crush :)

PS: This happened yesterday


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    Hey, this is sweet! I’m also a big fan of Lili and Mimi! In fact, i have learnt quite a few hairdos from them. They do things so easy and so chic! They are my favorite hairgurus!

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      hey Nivs!!! Oh, I love them too….they really make the things look so easy and then, when I try to do, I completely mess with my hair ๐Ÿ˜€ they are my fav too!!!

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