My Experience with Kamini Aunty

Well, you would all be wondering who the hell is “Kamini aunty”??? I came to know about her from Mehak’s blog and on my recent trip to Delhi, I went to this lady who is supposed to be a miracle for hair. She can cure any hair problem apparently. She runs her hair clinic from her house in Safdarjung enclave. And, the clinic is just like a home parlour.

I went to her with my mommy. “Kamini aunty” looked at my hair and declared that its thin and she didn’t really say much about my hair. I got her to check my mom’s hair too and she declared that my mom has very dry scalp. And, she instructed the girl on what to use for our hairs and off we went in for the treatment. It consists of 3 things basically:
  • Oiling – She has variety of oils of probably different grades. The girl attending me gave me instructions about how to go about my routine. And, she applied really a LOTTT of oil to my hair (around half a cup). It is supposed to have lots of herbs.
  • Ginger Tonic – After the oiling was done, this was applied to my scalp only. Its basically ginger powder infused in vinegar. This is for aiding the hair growth since ginger stimulates hair follicles.Well, I do think other herbs might also have been there. It has to be left on for 30 minutes.  
  • Hair Pack – After the ginger tonic, a hair pack is applied on the scalp and the ends of the hair and then, the hair is covered with a shower cap. This is made from many pulses and other ingredients and it smells strongly of dhania and it smells really warm. It also has to be left on for 30 minutes.

And, then, I am left for 30 minutes for the treatment to soak into the scalp. Meanwhile, I watch the whole procedure being followed on my mom and this is the first time she is getting any kind of a hair treatment so I was obviously enjoying it a lot ๐Ÿ˜€ And, then, I was taken for a hair wash which includes a shampoo and conditioner free of chemicals. Finally, my hair is blow-dried and my hair really felt so soft.

So, what’s the treatment?
We are prescribed a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and the ginger tonic. The treatment has to be done everyday for the first week in the same order as I have described above. And, after the first week, it has to be done on alternate days till you see the desired results. The hair pack has to be applied weekly once. I was told that I would see the new growth in two months.

How much does it cost?
Yes, it is expensive. Not overtly but still it is. Frankly, I wasn’t prepared for the bill presented to me but my mom had already anticipated it. The shampoo and conditioner cost about 400, the tonic is around 800, hair pack is 600 and the hair oil is around 2500. To be just, even my dad said that the quantity given was good enough.

How am I liking it?
I went to her on 18th April. I have used the products around 5 times till now. Yes, I wasn’t regular as I should have been in the first week and neither was I in the second but I hope I shall be from now on. But, strictly speaking, I would say that the treatment has brought out shine in my hair. And, it has definitely become more manageable with less flyaways.

Also, I love the shampoo a lot. Its free of chemicals and it smells nice and it seems to be a concoction of reetha and shikakai with orange fragrance. Its watery enough but not entirely watery and lathers well enough but not exactly generously but cleanses my hair nicely. And, I like the conditioner too. It lathers a lot and doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Of course, none of the products ingredients are written as they are supposed to be a secret. And, whether I’ll have a head full of hair, only time will tell. But, being a cynic, I do have a small doubt. If I follow the very same routine with regular products in the same time frame, will it yield results??? Of course, taking into consideration that I choose a SLS free shampoo and silicone free conditioner. What do you say??


  1. manya says

    Sounds good but very very pricy, ginger tonic for 800,and oil for 2500, I almost had a heart attack :p Hope you get good results with it!! These days i am using Lass cosmetics hair kit which comprises of oil, shampoo, conditioner, entire kit for Rs 585 only, its organic, paraben free, no sls or dimethicone, you can try out this one too! Its damn reasonable and quantity is 200 ml each!

    • says

      hehe…yup Taps, very expensive but she is pretty famous and frankly, they didn’t tell about the cost neither on phone nor even when I asked during the service but after we were finished they quietly handed the products and the bill and my eyes literally popped out ๐Ÿ˜€ that I felt was underhanded but if the products work, then nothing next to it :) waiting for your reviews then especially the shampoo!!!

  2. RAY says

    woww!!! You had a really expensive hair treatment. 2500/- for a hair oil!! but your getting good results. Ginger tonic sounds good actually

    • says

      yeah, its expensive and her treatment is supposed to be damn amazing!!! I just hope it works :) yes, ginger tonic is good but it has vinegar which dries out the scalp so I don’t keep it more than 30 minutes strictly…

  3. Vanu says

    i heard abt Kamini aunty from Mehak and waiting to hear happy reviews from u too!!
    Yeah, its actually very expensive, though

    • says

      hey Vanu, yup, I was especially tempted after she reported that she could see new hair after 2 months but yes, assailed with countless doubts too at the same time ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Anonymous says

    My personal opinion is that if u follow this regimen with any good chemical free brand, then u will get the desired result. As you suggested in an earlier post u can use onion. I have come to believe in home products after many years of spending on expensive hair treatments. This treatment ur taking reminds me of the time I went to vcare. While I was undergoing treatment, hair fall reduced. But after treatment, my hair fall increased more than before. I never had much dandruff, but then later got severe dandruff. I hope I didn’t burst ur bubble. Do let me know how this treatment works out for you after a few months.

    • says

      haha…no, you didn’t burst any bubble but yes, I am li’l scared of the post-treatment thingy which you talked about…frankly, even I am a little skeptical and little hopeful :) yes, using onion really works and yes, what yu are saying is true abut home care remedies but what I found out by going to this lady is that all are simple home remedies and me and mom were planning to do a dupe of them ๐Ÿ˜€ so, lets see how it works out. will definitely update how it goes :)
      btw, what’s vcare? and, what kind of treatment you did???

      • Susmita Das says

        Hi! It’s been a few years since the treatment right? I was planning on visiting Kamini aunty for my excessive hairfall problem. Would you still recommend it after years of experience? Thank you so much in advance :)

        • says

          hi Susmita. as you said, yes it has been quite long. and it has been long since you asked me the question as well. so did you go? if not, then I can say the oil is actually good. I don’t know how it deals with dandruff but it does make your hair shiny. but, you do not have to apply so much of oil. you can reduce it according to your needs. just make sure that the method of application remains same and it goes for all oils we use. hope this helps :)

  5. Anonymous says

    I am a person who would like to know what goes into the stuff I use. The fact that all ingredients are not listed is disappointing.

    • says

      yes, but I guess all such treatments don’t really talk about ingredients coz then we can make them at home and they would have no business ๐Ÿ˜€
      but they are all natural and home remedies…I can tell by the smell and consistency of the products. lets see how it goes :)

    • says

      hey…yes, sure…its
      A-2/88, safdarjung enclave, 2nd floor, new delhi
      phn no – 2617-3702
      do let me know if you go and they will for sure ask you who sent you to them, do tell them its swati :)

  6. says

    heyy…can u tell me an approx estimate of the quantity of the oil you got…and did you gt only one type of oil or more???

    and how long according to you wil these products lasts..??

    suhani gupta

    • says

      hey Suhani…great to see you here :) I think it is around 500ml but I am really not sure. for me, they are lasting upto two months or may be more but I don’t use the products like the clinic people told me to. I use according to my own needs. and, then, doing oiling and shampoo on alternate days is really not possible so that is also a consideration!!!

    • says

      btw, in case you are interested in my opinion, I shall be putting up a post on that after 15th june by when I can tell whether the treatment has brought any changes in my hair or not :) the reason being my mom n dad can judge it better ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. says

    ohhkk…actually am just waiting for your review only…even am planning to planning to go there…and be ready afew more questions are coming towards you aftr 15th…i hope you wont mind :) :)

  8. says

    Hair cycle of hair on our heads is approximately 100 days.. it means new hair will grow anyways on the scalp After approx 100 days. No wonder she told you .. you’ll see new hair in 2-3 months . God, the ways in which people make money !:-D

    • says

      haha ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ that’s true and anyways, I am not relying on their opinions. though, I did see some improvement but anything less than 6 months is not gonna confirm my confidence on the treatment.

  9. Anonymous says do u feel abt d treatmnt now? did it help u? m plannin to visit dis clinic too…having severe hair fall…

    • says

      hey…I think its good…you can check out today’s post for further details on it. I have put up my hair diary for july. it will get published at 5. she charged me 800 (for sitting) + 200 (consultation) apart from products!!

    • says

      hey Preeti…the rush actually depends…i have been to her place 2 or 3 times and all times it was different so i would suggest you to go on Wednesday and keep like 3 hours in hand though 2 is fine if you want to get something done (including the treatment)!! sometimes, there is no waiting :)

  10. says

    Hey Swati… Did you visit the clinic again for follow up sittings..? I went to her clinic yesterday and she asks to come once every week for follow up sittings.. and it indeed is quiet expensive… after trying the products do u feel the treatment and products are that worth..

    • says

      hey Preeti. yup it is helluva expensive :( nope i didn’t go for following sittings. i just simply followed things at home and did quite a lot of tweaking to suit me. i still go back to buy the shampoo and conditioner coz they suited me but oil i didn’t buy. in fact following that only, my mom made her own version of oil on which i did a post lately. btw, she does really use chicken marrow in the oil which is what gives the shine. so, if that really helps! no, mum didn’t use in case you are thinking ๐Ÿ˜€
      i think it does work but you are not really losing anything if you are not willing to spend that much. the entire thing is philosophy which you can equally follow at home.

  11. says

    Hi Swati, i had taken Kamini’s Aunty’s treatment some 8 years back i think. After a bout of chicken pox illness, my hair was falling like crazy. But kamini Aunty’s hair treatment saved me wat was left. And after months of rigorous treatment i had baby hair growth too. I think i used the products for two straight years. THen i moved to bangalore and , my hair is in terrible condition again. Visiting Delhi next month, and planning to take treatment again.

  12. says

    Hey Swati,
    I had taken this treatment some 8 years ago, wen after Chicken pox i lost half my hair volume. Her treatment was a saving grace coz after months of vigorous treatment, i could def see baby hair growth. I think i used the products for 2 years straight after which i moved to bangalore and couldnt get the products frequently, as needed. Now my hair is back to its worse state. So visiting Delhi next month, planning to start the treatment again. will let you know how it goes!!! :)

    • says

      do take the treatment and let me know. i think her shampoo is way too good. almost everyone who used it liked it and i followed the philosophy so that worked out for me. may be you can try it till you go to delhi and see if there is any difference – oil your hair using a cotton ball and massage it well, apply vinegar on the scalp, wash off with an sls-free shampoo and air dry.
      following the kamini aunty ginger tonic, i made a vinegar ginger infusion but you can apply pure vinegar diluted with water also since it will take about a week to infuse ginger in vinegar. if it helps check this out:

      and, then, for shampoo, i would suggest organic surge which i totally love. it has really helped my hair. if you can, try these steps!!! hope it helps :)

  13. Anonymous says

    Hey Swati,

    I just read through your posts. They are quite informative. I’m wondering if you are still using her products and if yes, have you seen any substantial changes? I’d heard of her a couple of months back from a hair dresser and it was only until recently that I started getting damn serious about my greying and thinning hair with an obvious patch making its way right on the crown. A couple of days back, I went for my second sitting (after having followed the 1 week-oil-tonic regime) and quite honestly, my experience so far contradicts the high hopes that I’d gone there with. My hair look/feel extremely dry and certainly drier than they were before and still fall a lot (or maybe more than they did). The only good thing that the treatment has done is made the dandruff vanish from my scalp but that only feels like a consolation. My hair look worse now. I talked to “Aunty” too about it. She said “Milk tonic generously use karo” and nothing else. I know for sure that I’ve been using Tonic quite generously though. I don’t know if I’m doing it right though.. The girl who took my “case” up said I could leave the ginger tonic on for as long as I wanted with the exception of sleeping with it. It just occurred to me that I may be going wrong there.. I’ve been leaving it on for at least 2 hours. What do you think? Also, did you have to face any of the above (more dry and extra hair fall in the beginning followed by soft and shiny hair a few days later?) I’m thinking of all sorts of possibilities. Would be looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks :)

    • says

      hey, i know i am replying quite late. i hope you read my reply!!

      it has been quite long since i have left this treatment and the products. i have just been following the methodology. actually vinegar helps in removing dandruff which is why it works very well on dandruff. but it also makes the scalp extremely dry so please beware about overusing and i have to add here that this is just a home remedy sort of a treatment without any scientific backing so yup it does not give the results which the real medicines can give and might not work equally on all scalps as well!!!

  14. Anonymous says

    Hi, i just started going to kamini’s. the girl whos handling my “case” categorically told me that ginger tonic is to be applied half hour before washing. so i think you may be going wrong there. best to call them and recheck on this. im not using the products everyday as time is a huge constraint. im also confused abt the merits of this treatment as i experience significant hairfall whenever i use the products which makes me dread them…have u experienced the same?

    • says

      hey. don’t worry, the hair fall is very normal and will stop in few weeks. whenever you choose a new hair treatment, you might face a significant amount of hair fall. in this case, we use cotton ball to massage in the oil, right? if used harshly, it leads to breakage and another thing is that it helps get rid of all the hair which is in the resting phase or about to fall off or have weak hair roots which helps new hair growth. so, its absolutely fine to continue with the treatment. you do not have to do it everyday. do it once a week, that should also help!!

      i have stopped using her products but i have been continuing with the hair oiling philosophy which is actually quiet useful. do check it out here:

  15. says

    hey Swati,
    i m a new entrant here. i m staying in bangalore and hence cant goto Kamini’s. i m suffering from severe hairfall and hair hav become very scanty and are on the verge of baldness. since u r also not goin to Kamni’s now can u pls help me with step by step treatment u r following or the treatment which i can follow so that hairfall becomes minimum. Pls help.

    • says

      hey Sakshi. sorry but somehow missed your comment!! firstly, you should really decode what is causing your hair fall???? have you recently had any serious incidents in your life in the past 6-8 months? or, any medical issues?
      recetly, i have also faced the hair fall issue which i guess was due to bad diet. so, simply try changing your diet to include lots of veggies and eggs or meat, if you eat them!! and loads of greens. this alone should help you unless your condition is too serious.
      can you please mail me at so that we can talk on the mail!!

  16. says

    hey Swati,
    i m a new entrant here. i m staying in bangalore and hence cant goto Kamini’s. i m suffering from severe hairfall and hair hav become very scanty and are on the verge of baldness. since u r also not goin to Kamni’s now can u pls help me with step by step treatment u r following or the treatment which i can follow so that hairfall becomes minimum. Pls help.

  17. Anonymous says

    i m suffering from severe hairfall and hairline is receding speedily,I stay in mumbai so how can i get her treatment staying here?currently i m applying r89 homeopathic medicine every help eagerly waiting for u r reply!

    • says

      hey. i would suggest that you first find out what is really causing your hair fall. most of the times, it is simply bad diet so eat loads of veggies and eggs and fish or lean fat, if you do eat them. this alone should help your hair fall.
      also, what is the treatment you are on? also, try applying castor oil + almond oil on your hair every alternate day. and, please feel free to mail at we can talk on mails.

  18. A desperate girl to get her hair back says

    Hi Swati. ..
    Kudos to you for maintaining such a useful thread. .. I’m sure many women send you their blessings :)

    I also visited kamini auntie after having heard about her from a friend…

    I was told by a doctor that I had female alopecia and that it was untreatable. But kamini auntie reassured me saying that I would definitely get my lovely locks of hair again. (I used to have long and beautiful hair before my daughter was born).
    She gave me an oil, her ginger serum, shampoo and a conditioner… but charged an exorbitant 6200 bucks!!!! I was taken aback, but had to hold back my tears (literally). And then to top it, she told me that she was not a saleswoman. Plus, she told me to tip the woman who had handled my case.

    I’m REALLY hoping that all the money I spent won’t go down the drain!!!!

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