Kama Brigandi Intense Hair Treatment {Product Review}

Price: Rs 625 for 250ml
– makes my hair look shinier and feel softer 
– little amount is enough to cover entire length of hair 
– light in texture but extremely nourishing
– very expensive!!
– can weigh the hair down if applied in excess
My Experience
You would have seen the product mentioned in my monthly hair journal entries. I thought this is a good time to review it since I have been using the product on and off since more than 6 months. Its a strong smelled oil but that doesn’t really bother me though it offends my friend’s nose ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes, its strong. And, its a dark coloured oil as you can see in the pic.
I like the oil overall. It gives my hair shine and also makes my hair look darker. It has helped the hair texture to improve slowly. And, whenever I wash my hair after applying it, my hair looks shinier. And, the texture of my hair becomes softer. It gets washed off quickly and is a light enough oil to be used for oily scalp as well.
The product is definitely expensive. Yes, I would recommend the product and yes, I shall buy it again after my current stock of oils get over!!! 
Have you used this hair oil?


  1. Farha says

    Hi!! I have been going thru ur posts since past few days and really enjoy reading them…i hvae subscribed to the posts but only the start of ur posts is there in the mail..i mean the entire post does not come….i was just wondering y is it so since frm othr bolgs i do get the entire post…errr can u pls tell me where can i get Kama products in Mumbai???

    • says

      hi Farha…thanks a lot :) yes, my feed is short which is why you get only the starting part of the post and to read the entire post, you need to click on the heading which redirects to the blog itself. it depends on how everyone keeps the lengths of the post feeds. I recently changed it to short due to some issues. really sorry if it becomes troublesome for you :(
      yes, you check out where kama products get retailed in mumbai on their website: http://www.kamaayurveda.com.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi, let me know if it helps with heavy hair fall and hair growth. I just started using Rubys herbal hair treatment oil. I just used it twice so can’t comment much except hair fall has slightly reduced and hair texture is silky. Have u used this product? It’s available in naturelle website.

    • nami says

      no swati i dont think it has helped in that way,have used it regularly but i was going through severe hair fall and it has really hepled me and yes it has treated my dandruff problem as well to a huge extent but not completely…my mum has very itchy scalp this oil is the only one that’s helped provide relief from an awful scalp condition, so it’s worth it for me.

    • says

      your mom also has itching issue??? even my mom has and she itches her scalp desperately….I sometimes feel that the skin will come under her nails!!! yes, even I think this oil helped a bit but my mom didn’t use it more than 4-5 times :( right now we are on a separate treatment :) shall post about it soon!!!

  3. Padmaja says

    Hi Swati,

    I have been desperately searching for Kama products for last several days in Hyderabad…today I stumbled upon your blog through google…would be great if u can share where u bought in hyd.

    Happy Sunday!

    • says

      hey Padmaja…welcome to the blog and hope to see you more here ๐Ÿ˜€
      the shop is in a hotel…you know ohri’s jiva, somajiguda…right??? there is a mmts station there. just right outside the station look to the opposite, you will find a hotel “The Park”. you will have to walk past the station entrance in the same lane. they have a kama counter inside the hotel. oh yeah…I went like a year ago so I would suggest you to call them and check out if they have stock availability!!! coz, one of the hotels near my place has closed the Kama counter as the products were not taking off. this is their phone number – 040 23456789 / 44990000.
      in case of doubts, do ask ๐Ÿ˜€ and, seriously, would love to know about your haul so please, please, please do share it :) you can send me mail also!!! coz, I really wanna try out their products.

    • Padmaja says

      Hey Swati,

      Thank you! You have written a new post in response to my question :)
      Ya shall share my haul wid u :) planning to buy their face cleaser, face mask and this hair oil as of now..i may also buy their kukumadi oil if got tempted which is quite easy for gals ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And yaa, read some posts and liked it … So, you can find me more often here :)

    • says

      haha…yes, I thought it would be better coz when you asked me, I suddenly remembered the time when I used to desperately search for kama products myself online and got the address with a little difficulty. I even asked sent a mail and asked them but it wasn’t of any use.
      oh yeah, I wanna try out the lavanya face mask too…apparently its something plant I don’t know and yes, I did get their kumkumadi oil but the bottle broke :( so, I couldn’t use it for long enough to review it!!! btw, that’s around 800. the face cleanser (ubtan) is something near 200 and even the face mask is around that or may be 400.
      see ya :)

  4. Padmaja says

    I know this comment is coming somewhat late…but just saw your comment :)
    Thx for the info :) was aware that Good Earth retails kama products in other cities…wasn’t sure of hyd. branch since it’s relatively new…their no. on net also not working…
    Wanted to chk at both Good Earth store and Ruci & Idoni before I could check at The Park..

    Swati, if you are just wondering why am here :) …thought of checking the directions once again…I may go to Somajiguda this weekend
    and did u know… Kama Ayurveda has introduced henna

    • says

      so did you check at good earth or ruci & Idoni???
      no, I didn’t know that….would definitely love to try it out :) guess I should make a trip to Park as well :) btw, how did you come to know of this introduction???
      hope my directions were clear :) its just in the lane of the mmts station so should be pretty easy to find!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    been using this for almost a 6 mths.. although I had boght their bottle in May 2011 from O’ Hair salon at matunga mumbai. The oil is ok but I havent seen any new /increased hair growth. But I havent been regular in using this oil too. The other thing i have discovered is you can use it by mixing with pure (i mean really pure) cocunut oil. This works best when used in the proportion – Kama oil 25:75 cocunut oil … although you may alter it to suit your hair condition & may choose to increase it to 50% proportion.


    • says

      thanks Maya…I wasn’t sure if it helps with hair growth but it did definitely improve my hair texture…I haven’t mixed it with any other hair oil as my mom had discouraged me to do that!!! but, guess, pure coconut oil should be fine!!!

    • says

      if you have used it already, you would know that how it suits your hair so you can decide whether it helps or not. for me, i think it does help but i didn’t buy it again so i can’t say for sure but it does improve the texture and shine of the hair.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi swati! my marriage is scheduled in 3 months and i think i just found what i want! but the problem is that i am from kolkata. where can i buy this product here? it would be great if i can buy one!

    • says

      hey congratulations :) these are the places in kolkata, kama retails so you might want to call them up and check out :)


      PHONE.033 22297662



      THE BOX


  7. says

    After my hair lost it’s natural glow when I dyed it blonde, I began looking for a hair oil to restore its healthy sheen. Not only does the Shielo Hair Oil have a wonderful smell, it made my hair silky soft and gave it a lustrous shine.

    I tried many different hair conditioning products, only to be left disappointed. Many of the other hair oils I tried either did nothing for my hair, or left my hair incredibly greasy. Shielo’s Oil is the first conditioning treatment that has left my hair silky soft and shiny without weighing it down.

  8. Neelam says

    Called Neel Brigandi thailum (oil) can be bought from any kerela ayurvedic shops. Google n find. Basically kerela oil. Kama is only brand.
    Is very good oil to be used. Made from brigandi and other herbs.
    For itchy scalp use comb made from neem wood. Can be bought online from neem wood combs site . Costs only 120/- they have reps also who will get in touch with you if in your city. Use a wide tooth one.

  9. Neelam says

    I think all ayurvedic product shops should have this Brigandi oil. You will not find in regular shops. Check those out. Google to find a shop in your area – find ph. No. – call and ask if they have.

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