How to start caring for your hair? {Hair Care}

Ok, weird title!!! I know. Actually, what happened was that I had ignored my hair for too long and got horrible case of split ends because of which I was so angry that I chopped off a good length of my hair and now, my hair is back to the shoulder level. Now, I am trying to improve my hair health and grow them out.

So, I thought I would revisit the basics. So, in one way, you can say that this post is for my benefit instead of yours ๐Ÿ˜› I shall try to include as many things as possible in this. And, I do get a lot of queries regarding hair care and hair loss so guess, next time, I can simply point to this link ๐Ÿ˜€ Ok, let’s get started.
Moisturise the hair regularly
As I talked about in my hair diaries, I got cocoa butter for myself last month. I wanted to use it to as a hair mask because last year, the Lush Caca Noir really softened my hair a lot. And, I’m making it a point to not skip on the conditioner ever. 
Get a good hydrating conditioner as well which doesn’t weigh the hair down. Ok, I can’t recommend anything because I am on the search still but I remember that Biotique Watercress did very well for me so I might just get that.
Weekly hair conditioning is very important but don’t forget to do the lighter conditioning every time you wash your hair.

Use good comb
I can’t stress this enough coz I know how much the condition of my hair has improved since I switched to the TBS Wooden Comb. It really keeps my hair happy. Or, get any wide-toothed comb for yourself.
Scalp Care
Yes, very important. Try to massage the scalp everyday. That helps with hair growth and is relaxing as well. Also, if you feel your hair is not behaving, I would suggest to go for a hair wash immediately. Don’t forget to get a gentle shampoo as it will keep your scalp in a good condition. 
Use satin pillow covers
The cotton ones suck all the moisture from hair and also increase the static in your hair so get the satin pillow covers or silk is even better!!! Make sure that you change the pillow covers regularly too to keep away the bacteria and the oils on the pillow cover from the face.
Oil lightly before washing
Even if you are not big on oiling your hair and I can understand that in summers but it helps a lot. So, to make a compromise, try coating your hair lightly with oil just half hour  to an hour before washing your hair. That really helps. 
These are some of the tips I am following regularly. And, next time, I shall talk about few remedies which were helpful in my hair growth.


  1. Renuca says

    Hi Swati, like the new blog look, looks much cleaner and easier on the eye :)..neat article.. Sea emmolient is suppose to work wonders on the hair too (altho I’ve never tried it myself).

  2. says

    Hi Swati,

    Just read your article… Summers make my hair further dry and wavy.. Can you suggest a list of gentle/ mild shampoos and conditioners for me?? I reside In New Delhi and summers would be scorching for a very long period over here. I have waist length which is always braided..
    Do recommend plz…
    Take care

    • says

      hi Kirti…welcome to my blog :) oh yes, its a very common thing that summers suck out the moisture entirely from the hair and make the hair dry!!! I know what delhi climate is ๐Ÿ˜€
      regd shampoo, let me tel you before hand that I haven’t yet found a really good shampoo so I can’t really recommend any brand to you…but, there is this brand called organic surge which has sls free shampoos and apparently. they are very effective but I haven’t tried it and its expensive too :( (around 600 bucks) otherwise there is no brand which I have liked. but, pantene total damage is fine…I am currently using it or even dove nourishing oil is ok. whatever shampoo you decide to use, get a sachet first and test it out on your hair.
      regd conditioner, I can recommend, pantene total damage care range conditioner…its really nice or otherwise the biotique watercress which I have talked about in the post…both of them are good.
      hope this helps :)

  3. mallika says


    i have dandruff and severe hair fall. my hairfall rate has been increased a lot after coming to us.
    i have pcos problem, my tsh is normal.
    could you please help me?

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