How to choose right pair of glasses for your face?

So, you wear glasses??? I have been wearing them since around 18 years!!! Wow…sounds like a huge time and I do have a high power also. So, you can say that I have tried on a lot of spectacles from the big rounded ones which used to come in the 90’s to the trendier ones which are coming now. 

A frame can make your look or make you look dowdy as well. So, always be careful when you choose your frame and make sure you take someone with you whose taste you well approve of or better, who has a better taste than you 😀 So, let me share some pointers in choosing the right frame. Ok, before starting, I want to say that since I have round face, I shall be referring to it in the post.
Your face shape
Of course, the most important. You want your glasses to flatter your face shape. Since, we are only talking of round face here, we will take that into consideration. But, I am sure that the pointers I am going to discuss will apply to all shapes. 
Always choose contrasting shape of glasses as compared to your face shape. That give an illusion of different face shape. 

For round face, a square or rectangular with sharp edges instead of blunt edges works really well.
Size of your face or features
The size of your frame should be consistent with the size of your face or your face will look very huge and fat. Also, the size should be consistent with the eye size. If you have small eyes, get a small frame where as for big eyes, make sure, the frame suits well. 

Facial Features

A round face has more rounded features and very few angles or sharpness. So, you want to get a frame which gives an illusion of sharpness to the face. 
Make your features stand out. Get the frame which contrasts with the sharpness or roundedness of features on your face.

Similarly, you want your glasses to contrast with the face length. In a round face, the face is too full, using round frames would make it look even fuller and fat. Where as, getting sharp-edged rectangular or square frames or asymmetrical frames also look good as they highlight the facial features.
Proportions of the frame
You want to check out the width and depth of the frame as well. Proper proportions will highlight the face. 

For round face, a more wider frame with lesser depth is better. A complete square is a big no-no. Similarly, you don’t want the arms of the glasses to be thin. Thicker arms draw attention to the upper part of the face. 
Summary of the post

So, before you are choosing your pair of glasses, check out the following:

  • your face shape
  • your features are rounded or sharp
  • length of your face and the width
  • length and width of the frame
Hope this helps you choose nice glasses for yourself next time :)


    1. ray says

      hi….i wear glasses too.i m shortsighted but i mostly wear contacts.thanks for the info.i ll keep this in mind next time i go to buy specs

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