Beauty Formulas Heat & Cleanse Clay Mask {Product Review}

Price: Rs 175 for one package which includes 3 treatments
– is deep cleansing mask
– cleans the pores well
– relaxing for the skin because of its self-heating properties
– definitely expensive!!! 
– I wish self-heating stays for longer
My Experience
I found this at one of the New U shelves and it intrigued me so much that I picked it up. There were other packs also from Beauty Formulas which are worth a try, I suppose!! One of things which attracted me was the ingredient Zeolite which is the second on the list. Zeolite is a mineral and a type of clay like multani mitti. It occurs in many types and most used for water purification. It is also used in body detoxification. 
The product has 3 separate pouches. It is white in color with small blue beads which I am supposing are jojoba beads. The product has to be applied on wet face as water activates the heat in the mask. It goes like a completely transparent gel on to the skin and heats up immediately. The heat is like a really warm towel placed on your face and feels very relaxing.
Its supposed to be kept for 60 seconds but I generally keep it for 10 minutes. The product in a single packet is actually more than you can use at one time but its not storage-friendly so you have to use it at one go. So, I use it on my neck too but it can cover still more than that!!! Results? My skin feels cleansed and my pores look smaller afterwards. It didn’t remove all my blackheads though!!! But, overall, I really liked the mask and its worth a try. 
Have you tried this product?


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    This is nice. I have been considering Montagne Jeunesse sealf heating mask. But I think these would be cheaper since for 175 we get at least three applications. Could you update us if you see any long term benefits please?

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