7 things I would really like to spend on?

Whenever I see huge haul posts, I really feel, like doing a big haul for myself!!! But, then, I remember that I am on a saving spree so I always console myself by saying that someday I will buy everything!! Ok, that’s kinda weird, I know, but I can’t really afford to spend right now. I am saving for something very special :) Its my dad’s 60th birthday this year and I wanna throw a huge party. So, that’s our li’l secret ;D

So, one day I was just TP’ing (time pass) and was compiling a list of thing I would actually like to spend on coz it’s highly unlikely that I’ll have an endless supply of money. And, I came up with the following things.
Already, I am using pretty expensive sunscreens. Neutrogena is around 500 for a small 88ml tube and my fav Marie Veronique Organics is 2000 bucks!!! But, then, sun protection ranks pretty high on my list as I always get some or the other skin issue, now and then, because of sun exposure.
Hair Care
The second on my list is any hair care product which would be effective and would catch my eye and would be organic and environment-friendly as well. And, I do agree that I am a little obsessed with my hair. So, going for that expensive hair treatments probably weekly or monthly :) Already I am making use of one of the hair treatments which I am going to talk about soon and I just hope it works out :)
Yes, I don’t mind spending on the them at all. In fact, I always try to go for the best of the brands because they last long and their quality is better and they give a better fit :) And, that’s something I try not to compromise on.
Stoles and Scarves
Third on my list are a plethora of colorful and fun stoles. They are so easy to add color to any ensemble. And, very useful for all seasons too. Thrift shopping is good for it.
Wallets and Bags
A statement bag is very important with any outfit. And, I do like to have a bag with myself all the time. And, I really need a good wallet too. So, I am currently in search for it. I want something in a vibrant color or may be something pastel (that’s so in these days).
I am a flat-heeled person but I do like comfortable shoes and slippers. And, I don’t really mind spending on quality shoes and footwear. That’s very important for the feet in the long run. And, I wanna have a huge collection of really colourful and fun flip flops!!!
I lost my watch couple of yeras back (one or two around) and since then, I have become timeless ๐Ÿ˜€ I want a really decent watch for which I am ready to spend. I am lusting for something in metal, may be silver or rhodium or white gold but I don’t want gold. I don’t like the color of gold at all!!

What do you like spending on?


  1. Shoppingaholic says

    Cool list!! I would currently like to buy a watch, a beige strappy wedges and around 10 blushes…. ha ha ha. It would be fun.

    • says

      yeah Vanu but being Indians and me being south Indian can’t really avoid it but I seriously hate wearing any jewellery except earrings and that’s because I can’t see it or feel its weight ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Maansi says

    yup…i think d post describes each female’s desires pretty well!!
    I wud say i ll add sum lip balms to my list!

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