Rustic Art Aloevera Gel

Price: Rs 150ml for 100gms

Aloevera Gel, Lemon Extracts (lemon extract acts as a preservative)
– perfect for oily or combination skin or even normal skin, especially in summers
– firms up the skin
– gives a glow
– increases the skin’s hydration levels
– dries up and gets absorbed very quickly into the skin
– products lasts really long
– can be used as a night treatment
– doesn’t do anything for pores size but then it doesn’t really claim that!!!
– its not organic :(
– don’t know if it really removes tanning
My Experience
The gel is colorless and comes in a sturdy plastic jar from which you can scoop out the gel. It smells of nothing, just a faint aloe vera smell. The texture is just like a dehydrated aloe gel. It goes a little (very little) sticky in the end just like the actual aloe gel does which can be simply washed off. The product will last you two-three months which is pretty good.
I really like it. The gel feels cool on the skin but that doesn’t last more than 10 seconds. It gets dried up and absorbed very very quickly so you have to apply it as quickly as possible otherwise it will dry up on your palm. The pros really say everything about what I experienced after using the product for the past one month. And, I have already recommended it to many people!!!
Dry skin people should also use it and since I was facing dry skin in the past month, I used to follow this with oil. And, gradually, I noticed that my dryness reduced and my skin became more supple and hydrated even though I was taking less of water. And, there is a glow on my skin which I completely love. I can also see that it has firmed up my skin really well, not that my skin was loose but I can see the difference.
Ok, so, the product is not organic which had disappointed me and I would love it if they get an organic variant too. And, I don’t think that it did anything for my tanning but I am not really sure on this point. If I do see a difference in the future, I will definitely report back. I also tried using it as a leave-in conditioner in my hair but it didn’t really work out. I shall try that again, though!!
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    • says

      hey Indu…yes, this is only natural and not organic. even I thought it was organic earlier but they confirmed it. but, even then, this is really awesome!!!

    • says

      yeah even for me price had been an issue earlier but when I considered the messy way of extracting the aloe from the leaf and all the time taken, I am more likely to go for this ๐Ÿ˜€ and, to b frank, I do waste money on buying useless stuff so I may as well buy something good and this jar would last around 2-3 months which is decent enough for me. and, yes, aloe is so versatile :) and, I am pretty sure they will come up with organic version of aloe too soon but then it will be more expensive :(

  1. manya says

    I am currently using lass cosmetics aloe gel which is pretty good! But the ebst is patanjali’s aloe vera gel!

  2. Budget Belleza says

    I’m using Patanjali Aloe gel and apart from the strong smell,there’s nothing I dislike about it…though this one seems better..nice review,following u from now :)

    • says

      Patanjali feels too sticky for me and then it has parabens and all kinds of things in it which had discouraged me long back!!! this is definitely better for me than Patanjali. thanks for following :)

  3. riddhi jholapara says

    thnks for sharing swati .. i like the aloegel from lotus herbals tooo… it matches all d qualities u hv mentioned here abt this aloe gel… :)

  4. says

    Hi Swati,the Ruatic Art Aloe Gel is Organic.Very soon all our products will be organic including shampoo,conditioners,face and body wash and lip balm as we are getting our whole production unit organic certified.And yes,our gel is free of Carbopol, the thickener hence non sticky.Try to mix it with shampoo and you may feel the difference.For your information,the base of our organic shampoo range is certified aloe juice.
    Will inform you the launching date of these products very soon…

  5. Poonam says

    Hi.. Swati

    My skin is getting dark and dull day by day please do suggest me some home remedies and some natural or organic products.

  6. lipi says

    Can I use my daily make up(light foundation) on top of this gel? If not how to use this gel with make up?

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