My Product Review Guidelines

I have been reviewing products since long but I had never talked about how I review my products. So, I just wanted to do a small recap of what all things I take into consideration while reviewing different products in general.
  • I always make sure I use any product for minimum of 4 weeks before I review it. It gives me time to see if the product is actually making any difference and also to see if I get any reaction from the product and also judge the product better. 
  • I try to go for natural or organic products but I don’t mind something which comes my way and catches my eye.
  • I always try to recommend a tried and tested product only. 
  • When I am talking about a product, I look for the basic functionality first. 
    • When I am talking about face wash, I never in general expect the face wash to be able to remove makeup. Many don’t and very few do it properly. Always go for a makeup remover to even remove the sunscreen. 
    • When I am talking about scrubs, I expect them to do nothing except exfoliate. I don’t expect it to make my skin glowing or bright or fair. I just expect it to remove my skin’s dead cells without causing my skin any harm.
    • A face pack should obviously be able to stand on all its claims and more, if possible. 
    • Similarly, a foundation or sunscreen are judged by ingredients and their stay-time. Yes, I do tend to use them for a month too. Also, I do judge many products by the ease of usage and application. 
    • All the accessories like hair comb, dry brush or body shop gloves are reviewed after a really prolonged usage, sometimes going up to 6 months.
  • My reviews are always honest and true as per my experience and that’s something which I don’t like to assert in every post. I expect my readers to assume that implicitly [Yes, I do expect my reader’s to respect me, sorry for the high-handed way but I do hope I deserve your trust :)]. 
  • I do make a disclaimer if the product has been sent by the brand.
  • Ingredients list is always in consideration but sometimes I try to skip it in some unavoidable circumstances like I am not able to take a pic of the list (which is happening as of now as my camera ditched me). Yes, I am too lazy to put it down in writing. But, I always mention the important, arguable, controversial or any such notice-worthy ingredient in the list. 
  • I have not done any sponsored reviews till date. If I do them in future (Read: the monetary compensation is too tempting), I shall make a disclaimer of the fact and would be honest as always. 
  • One more point – yes, I do have second thoughts about a product after I have used the entire bottle. It has happened once till now (its tending to the negative). So, I guess, I should simply write an updated review on the product. What do you say?  
So, those are my rules of product reviews and yes, I do mention this to the PR persons.


    1. manya says

      Good to know ! Its good to be clear to your readers! Anyways used the code given by you at Natural mantra and shopped today!

    2. says

      I second you! :)
      I think you should put this up on a permanent page under your About or Disclaimer section or any other section in the tabs, that would be helpful for many to understand how u do ur reviews in the future!

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