Giveaways and Wins

So, I said that last week was pretty lucky for me. I have to add that the luck followed me into the end of February too and it seems that it has disappeared as March began ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyways, as you know that blog-o-sphere was teeming with Glossy Box giveaways and Maybelline BB Cream giveaways.
So, I entered as may as I could and it so happens that I won 5 glossybox giveaways and two Maybelline giveaways ๐Ÿ˜€ No, I am not coveting all the boxes and BB creams to myself. I did that goof up already when I won two glossyboxes consecutively and I had actually forgotten one of them. 
Yes, I have become really absent-minded these days and that’s the direct reason of not eating properly. So, gals, if you are dieting or ignoring your food, beware. You don’t wanna end up with Alzheimer’s. Ok, may be it wouldn’t be as bad as that but still its not a good practice to skip food. A lesson to me too.

And, btw, two gals who read my blog regularly are getting married in April and June respectively so I wish them all the best for their new life and they have requested a bridal skin care routine. So, you can expect such posts in a few days. And, on this note, I will say ‘Sayonara’ :)


  1. manya says

    Congrats dear! I wish you get the box veryyyy soon!Do let me know whenever you get it please.Me too won the Maybelline BB Cream Giveaway! :)

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