Lucky Week!!!

Happy Sunday and my day off too :) So, ok, I want to share two things. This week has been unexpectedly lucky for me. Lots of good things have happened. And, I shall share some of the good things as they materialize. And, on the other hand, I got my first approval of book review too this week. There is a book reviews program on BlogAdda for those who don’t know so if you like reading books and review them, you should definitely apply for it.

I have got the book and let me add it is amazing and hopefully, my review does justice to the book. The review would come within a week and I am hoping that you shall like that too :)

And, the other thing I wanted to share was something funny. As I have disclosed earlier that I haven’t disclosed about my blogging acitivites yet to my family and frinds and so it happens that my mom was checking my bank balance yesterday and spotted some transactions and as a result, I had to disclose that I write content online ๐Ÿ˜€ So, right now, I am a freelancer for mom. No word about the blog though!!!

Btw, another funny thing was that I have received 4 packages around for reviews and my mom is always wondering why will anyone send me full-sized products for free!!! So, on this note, see ya tomorrow with some serious skin issues :)

PS: Guess what!!! My mom tried out a face mask today. She has never used anything on her skin except Moisturex and vaseline and has never been to a parlor ๐Ÿ˜€ And, she tried out the Ponds Miracle Mask. The whole episode was such fun!!


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    hi swati so wht do we do to get tis book and review it
    and a topic i was feelin suggestin for yr post as summer is approachin people might feel like swimming and stuff and chlorine is so so bad for the skin wht shd we do please help
    take care

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      oh fatima, you need to go to and register your blog there and then enroll for the book reviews program and they will send you mails of the books available for reviews and you have to apply for the ones you are interested in reviewing and then, they select the bloggers and send out books to them and you have to read and review within a week of recieving the book.

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    hi swati let me knw wht we are suppose to do to get a book and also i request you to write somethin abt how to take care of the skin with tis summer and scorching heat and if we plan to swim
    how can we protect the skin from the chlorine in the water please help i heard chlorine in the water spoil the skin to zenith extent and it is not gud to swim

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      hey fatima..sure I shall put up the posts on that…I was already thinking that its time to do a summer skin care one but I shall definitely try to do the chlorine thingy also…yes, it does affect the skin pretty badly.

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    @indgal and @siri lol…I am always at loss coz my mom always comes and checks out my closet and she starts out that why do you have such a huge bunch of stuff with you and I am like “mom, I get it free!!!” and she goes on like “who will give you for free???”. My reply is “promotional tactics, mom” ๐Ÿ˜€
    and, I knew this prob would come so I have pre-warned my mom and guess what, she had inspected everything I received to the minutest details. it’s just too hilarious for me ๐Ÿ˜€
    I had huge barrage of questions when the first arrived, then a few when second and third came (on same day) and she stopped asking questions later on….

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      I don’t really think they will react positively so I let it remain a secret and that also gives me a place and space of my own to enjoy without others (friends and relatives) interfering :) coz if someone sees my expenditure which is not much, they will start off with their own comments and all so I really want this to just myself.

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