Vedic Line Neem & Brahmi Disinfecting Face Wash {Product Review}

Price: Rs 110 for 120ml

Purified Water, Neem Oil, Brahmi, Tea Tree Oil, Camphor, SLES, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate

“In a nutshell”


  • Ingredient List is very impressive

  • Consistency is very thin so most of the face wash falls off my hands when I try to apply it on my face :(
Wish List (to the brand)

  • While you use Sodium Benzoate in place of parabens, why not use something else for SLES?? 
  • And, yes, packaging is not really catchy!!! Would love to see them packaged like some of the other products you have.

My Experience
As you can see in the pic, this is green in color. No color has been mentioned ont he ingredient list so I am assuming that brahmi and neem oil impart their color to the face wash. And, the smell of the face wash is herbal. And, before proceeding with the review, let me tell you that it is more suitable for an oily or combination skin and one which is prone to breakouts. And, since it is winters, my skin is not all that oily so I have no idea where it controls oil or not. And, similarly, I don’t really break out a lot so I can’t judge the face wash on those grounds either.

Anyways, the thing which actually bothered me a lot was the consistency of the product. It is very thin and it slips off easily even if you turn your hand a bit so while applying, the face wash does fall down and then, I have to take a little bit more of it. Ok, anyways, the product does foam very less even though it has SLES and I think there is not much of SLES either in the product as it is listed pretty low on the list. But, I have one more grouch with this face wash and that is that it leaves a film on my skin if not washed thoroughly and you really need lot of hot water to get rid of the film.

And, it does stretch out my skin a little but then in winters, my skin often dry without a moisturizer so I can’t really blame the product for that because I used some other product too and faced almost same thing. And, these days, my skin is going through extra-dry period. But, I really think that this would be a great product in summers for me when the oil is more on my skin. Overall, I don’t think I am the best judge for this face wash.

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So, have you ever heard of this brand? Well, I do have a few more interesting products coming in the subsequent weeks from this brand and they are really worth it :)
PS: Product sent by the brand for consideration.


  1. Siri Sekhar says

    Even my skin is not sure this will work on me

    BTW i also bought Tahini from Naturalmantra on seeing your review :)

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