Spicy spices for Acne {DIY}

Well, DIY’s are not only floral. Look around your kitchen and you will find the most interesting ingredients for your DIY. So, today I bring you a spicy mixture which can be used as a face pack or in your body scrubs or even in your hair packs. So, let us start.
The final product is not as granular as its looking in the pic but still, you should make it as fine as possible!! Mine is little grittier so has to be milled into a fine powder.
  • Cinnamon (3 parts)
  • Nutmeg (1 part)
  • Cloves (1 part)

The ratio should be 3:1:1 in the order in which ingredients are listed. You can use the spices as such and mix them in a mixer or a food processor or blender to a powder and store in a clean glass jar. Or, you can directly mix the powdered versions of the spices but make sure that they are not adulterated and if organic, nothing could be better.  Since they are spices, they are not likely to go bad ever but make only that much which will last you a month. 
The spices are warm in nature so they will provide a nice and different experience than a regular face mask. And, it smells really warm of cloves and hint of cinnamon. 
Mix with Honey
Mixing the mixture with honey is especially recommended for acne skin and all other skin types too. I tried it out on my skin though I don’t have acne or any breakouts and the result was that my skin was looking brighter and clearer immediately so I will highly recommend this face pack to all of you.

It also provides scrubbing effect as it is little gritty and be gentle and thorough in application. Make it a thick face pack and wait for 15-30 minutes. It will feel tingly in the start, may burn a very little bit for few seconds so add a good amount of honey. If diluted properly, it wouldn’t so no need to worry on that score. While you have it on, it might feel a little warm at times. And, wash it off with cold water. It really makes the skin glow immediately.

Other Uses

  • mix with yogurt to give a good pep up to your skin – for oily skin
  • mix a table spoon or two in your henna hair pack to give your a deeper brownish tinge and a richer hair color

Benefits of Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a very common spice which is great for adding taste to your dishes. But, it has more properties than that. It acts as an inflammatory on the skin and increases the blood circulation and plumps up the skin. It brings a natural glow to the face like you have put on a blush. And, it is also great for dry acne and reducing the scars and blemishes on the skin.

Benefits of Nutmeg
It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Because of these properties, it is great for acne and eczema too. It also helps clear out the skin when used regularly and has beneficial effects on acne. Caution: It should not be used on the skin alone so we make a mix of all the spices. It can burn your skin as it is very strong.

Benefits of Cloves
It is a great remedy for acne and scars. Caution: It is also irritating to the skin like nutmeg so it should not be used alone.
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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Swathi, i’m so happy that i found your blog….i ve been using this mixture for 2 days & i find my skin to be much more smoother. I have very oily skin & i’m prone to acne & scars so i’m really hoping this helps keeps skin fresh, clear & clean. Would it also help if i add tumeric to this mixture? Also i heard rosewater can be used as a toner?

    • says

      i am so glad this tip helped you :) you can add a little turmeric too but don’t add too much or it may turn the skin yellow!! its not harmful but its annoying and doesn’t go off immediately.
      and, yes, rosewater can also be used as toner. in fact, you can use rose water anyway you want.

    • Anonymous says

      Thank you so much for replying Swati. Is there anything esle that you can recommend with this mixture? A moisturizer? Fading cream? I have acne scars that i’ve been trying to fade & nothing seems to help. I’ve tried bleaching creams, such as ambi, ponds & even pure cocoa butter & i broke out tremendously. I have very sensitive oily skin. I’m not whatesle i can do. Any suggestions would be of great help. Thank you again

    • says

      frankly, bleaching creams are not good for skin!!! you should try vitamin E oil or tablets but it is very thick so you might just use it as a spot treatment!!! and, try applying potato slice on your marks. that does help with skin tan and marks.

    • Venesha says

      Hi Sawti, sorry to keep bothering u. As u know i’ve been using this mixture for 5 days now. In the first 2 days i noticed my skin being very smooth & soft. However now i’m starting to break out alot. What should i do? Should i continue? Did this happen to you? I added a little tumeric to the mixture & i’ve been using the rosewater as a toner. Now i’m stressing over it which is making my skin worse i think. You mentioned tablets. What kind? I can’t put oil on my skin at all so vitamin E would’nt help. I’ve tried everything, proactive, skin id, even went to a dermatologist. Nothing helps

    • says

      hey Venesha…do check out the brands which I talked about in the other comments!!! also, I think turmeric or rose water are not suiting so try going back to the original mixture which worked for you. and, you should definitely check out tea tree oil as it helps acne. do let me know how it goes :)

  2. says

    Dear Swati,

    I’m new to your site and caught my eye on some skin care routines. I wanted to ask you for some serious help. I am 14 years old (female) and Indian. I have a huge problem with acne and I was wondering if you could help me or tell me some skin care routine to take care of it. I really really need your help as I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works at all. please, reply as soon as possible. Thanks.


  3. says

    Dear Swati,
    I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I’ve been having concerning hair. I’m not sure if you specialize in any hair care but I liked your advice about skin care so I assumed you’d know about this too. I am 15 and my hair is very very VERY thick. It is so coarse that if you feel the ends they really do feel like spikes and thorns. I was thinking about shaving it off and oiling the scalp to see if the hair would grow back healthy and soft like every other girl’s hair. Do you think this is a good idea? I want to make a rational decision before acting so please help if you can. The problem with my hair is that it is too damaged from chemicals and it is so thick, curly and coarsely dry that hair falls out and it just looks disgusting. It also stores dandruff like no other. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me with this dilemma. How long does it take to grow about a boy cut amount of hair after shaving? Almost like a pixie cut amount? Do you think this is a good idea? Thanks so much!

    • says

      I am sorry for the delay in replying. shaving it off is a very very bad idea. you can simply do all the oiling and deep conditioning treatments. i would suggest you to cut it till the point it is damaged instead of shaving it off entirely. generally, hair grows 1/2 inch every month so you can make calculations accordingly. you can also check out more in hair care:
      also, dandruff needs a professional handling if you have too much of it so better to go to a doc.

    • says

      hey…you can intake these spices but they should be used as seasonings or flavorings in the food instead of taken just a table spoon. they are too hot for that and can irritate the throat!

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    I have a very sensitive skin which is acne prone. I visited a dermatologist, but did not help much. So I decided to use some natural methods. Presently I am using a facepack madeup of multani, neem and tulsi along with rose water on a daily basis. Its been around a week and I see some improvement.

    I need some suggestion whether I should continue with this or try the one u mentioned. Or I should use both of them alternately. Kindly provide your thoughts on this. Thanks…

    • says

      Hey I would suggest you to use nutmeg powder underpin ginger juice. Also use a facewash which helps with acne. Since the face mask you are using is showing improvement, I would suggest you to use both of them alternatively. Do let me know how it goes :-)

    • says

      Hey I would suggest you to use nutmeg powder underpin ginger juice. Also use a facewash which helps with acne. Since the face mask you are using is showing improvement, I would suggest you to use both of them alternatively. Do let me know how it goes :-)

  5. says

    hi swati.. :) i would like share my experience of ur reciepe .. well i had no honey at home n forgot to purchase it while buying nutmeg cloves n cinnamom.. so i tried ur receipe with water.. and it worked soo good!! while applying , it initially burned alot!! ALOT!!! thought of taking it off but i wanted to get rid of this acne n pimples soon..well i have wheatish complexion so it gave me better results if u have fair snow white kinda complexion then better to be used with honey itself.. since honey saves u d from burning sensation of cloves n nutmeg.. :)
    and chewing tulsi leaves and applying them on pimples works well too.. and kasturi turmeric on face helps in getting rid of scars n prevents pimples n acnes break out in future.. :) thank u so much for your tips.. it s awesome!!

  6. Anonymous says

    hi swati…)
    i have acne marks like small moles , dark spots &dark circles on my face.
    my skin is also very sensitive
    plzz tell me how can i reduce as soon as possible..

  7. Anuja says

    I have almost tried everything n even taken very high medicines but as I stop takin it again pimples come ..I am 31 but still there’s a continuous problem of pimples can u suggest me sumthing that is really effective.

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