How to lose or gain Chubby Cheeks? {Health}

Sometime back, I had done a post on 3 places for fat accumulation, a reader has asked me how to get chubby cheeks. So, I started doing a post on that but somehow, the losing and gaining of cheek fats is very inter-related so I thought I shall address them together.
Lean Cheeks and Sunken Cheeks
Some people are naturally endowed with thinner bone structure and less flesh on their face so they cheeks look slim. And, then, there is another case in which the cheeks sink inside. That happens with age. So, your face develops a hollow look. In either case, a fuller looking face is desirable. Having a fuller face also makes you looks young.
Drinking from the straw
Using straw actually causes the cheeks to sink in or lose their fat. So, if you are trying to thin your face, make use of straws and if you want your cheeks to be in proper shape, always avoid straw. This is from personal experience actually and when I stopped using straws, my cheeks came back to proper shape.
Sometimes, heavy exercises cut out the cheek fat too. So, if you are looking for gaining the cheek fat, I wouldn’t advise you to leave exercising. But, facial exercises and facial massages can help with gaining and losing of cheek fat. Specially, massaging with sesame oil or any other fatty vegetable oil helps in developing chubby cheeks.
Blowing Balloons
Have you ever tried to blow a balloon? Do you know how much it exercises your cheek muscles? Puff up your cheeks or fill your mouth with as much air as you can hold. Wait for a minute and blow out the air gently. This helps in gaining cheek fat.
Chewing Gums
As blowing balloons help in gaining cheek fat, chewing on chewing gums helps in losing cheek fat. So, chew the non-sugar chewing gums otherwise the sugar in the gums can make you gain weight.
Healthy Fatty Foods
Finally, eating healthy but fatty foods is very important for overall body. So, eat lots of nuts and seeds and oils. They help in building up the skin’s fat layer and increasing the chubbiness of the body. And, as I said earlier, healthy weight is a good for the body as well as for your looks.
Do you have other ideas to gain or lose cheek fat?



      My face is skinny. There is not fat in the middle of my face. Please help me. I really want to have a fat face.

  1. ann says

    some websites say that if you want a slim face you should blow balloons, but this site says the opposite. its really confusing.

  2. Carol says

    I am an older woman had lost weight about 4 years ago my face and everything looked fine but with out notice i lost my full cheeks and they are now shallow. I look alot older then other people my age. What can i do I even hate when i have to go to a hair dresser and rarely go out because of it Help please I would love to have a social life back but normally hide i am that self concious.

    • zed says

      I can totally relate to you i have lost all my facial fat due to facial excercises which is the biggest regret of my life please do not do them if you suit facial fat better which i did before. I started excercise to gain more volume instead it reduced it . I had a beautiful face everyone commented on my looks . I dont look the same anymore i have lost facial volume and fat from my lips. I am distraught and has taken over mylife as my body is the same as before. I cant socialise anymore.

  3. Akansha says

    Hi I do exercise , I don’t want to stop it and I want a chubby face will blowing a balloon help me with putting on weight on my face?

  4. Aarya says

    Hello mam I am Aarya from Hyderabad mam please suggest my face is very thin I want fat on my cheeks.please tell me what to do. Thanks waiting for u r reply

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