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Long back, I had discussed about different hair types. Continuing in that series, I want to talk about the texture of hair. Type of hair and texture of hair are two different terms, though not necessarily used as such. According to my interpretation of these terms, type of hair describes the general condition of the hair – whether they are dry, oily, etc. where as texture describes the feel of your hair.
What does it mean by feel?
Well, your hair feels soft, rough or fine??? That’s what we call the texture of the hair. Now, any hair type may be broadly categorized to have fine, normal or rough hair. Your hair care routine should not only depend on your hair types but also its texture. Once you identify the type of your hair, the second step is to identify the texture.
Rough Hair
  • Thick Diameter of the hair strands
  • May be damaged
  • Dehydrated and under-nourished
  • Feels straw-like when touched
  • Frizzy and unmanageable
  • Needs a lot of care to make it look healthy
  • Prone to dryness
  • Lacks shine
Curly hair is generally likely to be a little rough. And, if you have subjected your hair to lot of heat and other chemical treatments, your hair is likely to be rough. 
    Fine Hair
    • Thin diameter of the hair strands
    • Are not damaged basically
    • Generally feel soft and silky when touched
    • May or may not be frizzy and damaged
    • May be more or less oily
    • Have a tendency to go flat and limp
    • Needs lot of volume and hydration as opposed to nourishment
    • May be shiny
    • Is weaker than rough hair because of less strength
    • High on maintenance as it doesn’t hold in any particular style for long
    Oily hair is more or less fine. Or, if you feel your hair has no volume, your hair is likely to be fine. They are not that difficult to care for but do need maintenance to make them look bouncy and lively. So, your hair care products and routine should depend on whether your hair is fine or rough.
    Is your hair fine or rough?

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