Are eggs good for hair or not? {Your Opinion}

I came across a very interesting article a few days back and I wanted your opinion on it. The article goes somewhat in the fashion that eggs do not really do anything for the hair in the terms of providing nutrition and nourishment. They only end up coating the hair strands and that is all there to it. In fact, to get the advantage of eggs, it is advised to eat them and not apply them on the hair. And, also, the size of the protein molecules in the egg are too big to be absorbed by the hair. So, whatever you think egg treatment is doing to your hair is just a temporary and superficial result as compared to permanent treatment. [Please read the entire article here.]
I must say that the argument that the size of protein molecules being too large might be true and I have no idea about that. I don’t know the source of this scientific fact so I am not going to say anything for or against it. But, in my personal experience, I have used egg and yogurt mainly to treat or deep condition my hair. And, even though egg smells pretty bad, the results have always been very fabulous and I can also go to the extent of asserting that egg does help the hair to grow. It may be possible that egg protein molecules are large enough to be absorbed by the hair follicles (I have no idea about that too).

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