My December Haul

Welcome to a beautiful and brand new year. And, let me also make you a little jealous ๐Ÿ˜€ Ok, nothing to be jealous of coz I have wasted money unnecessarily. Actually, I was indulging in shopping therapy to give a boost to my moods so you wouldn’t find any economies in my expenditure (and, I always have a double mind after the purchases are done). I have to curse the online shopping facility for that. It has become so easy to spend money. Anyways, let me get over my cribbing and let me show you what I have bought. As to whether I am happy with the products is something I shall share in the subsequent weeks or months.
a face wash, face pack, two soaps and a wooden comb from Lass Cosmetics
shopped from for the first time and it was a fabulous experience and they sent me a gift too :)
the famous Aroma Magic oil blends
loving the colorful packaging
in case you didn’t realize, these are soaps from Earthy Goods
and, this is their very famous Apricot oil – my latest love
That was all my haul in December. And, these things came by mail so check them out :)
Review coming in a week or two
Yardley Gift Hamper
Vedic Line is a herbal brand!!!
papaya scrub and mask and a sunscreen with spf 30
a very interesting product and I am extremely curious to know if it works!!! it is a natural hair inhibitor :)
In the mean time, check out some of the other reviews:


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      hey…no idea if its available offline!!! but, in case you want my views on urban touch, its pretty safe and you can also opt for cash on delivery so you don’t have to give out your card and other information :)

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