Moisturex Emollient, Humectant and Keratolytic Cream {Product Review}

Ok, so this is something new for most of you, if not all. I wanted to talk about the cream which my mom has been using faithfully since the past 15 years and which keeps her skin fabulous. And, I have been using this cream for the past 15-20 days and I thought it would be good to share this product with you all as it is a perfect moisturizer for winters.

Price: Rs 200 for 75gms (I am guessing but it should be around that)


My Experience

Moisturex is recommended for the above skin problems
It is a medicated cream and had been recommended by a doctor to my mom (don’t remember for what reason but my stuck to it coz it suited her). Now, a little bit about the cream. It is a thin consistency cream but its very very moisturizing so I would recommend it only for dry skin and mature skin and those who live in colder climates. It makes the skin oily when in humid or tropical climate. So, I am using it now a days to combat the weather and protect my skin.
And, this cream is awesome. It keeps my skin moisturized the entire day and keeps it looking supple and hydrated. This is something which I have never seen any other moisturizer do. To some extent, I’ll give Liz Earle moisturizer a benefit of doubt but otherwise, it is great!!! And, not very expensive either. And, it lasts ages, trust me!!! Since its so creamy, you need to apply a very very thin layer and I apply it in dots and rub it into the skin. If applied properly, it also makes the skin appear a little dewy and it doesn’t let the skin dry out at all so if you are suffering from broken skin or extremely dry patches, this is a cream which you should give a try.
Regarding my mom’s skin, her skin still looks flawless and its supple and so soft, seriously coz this cream makes the skin extremely soft. I think the credit of that goes to the ingredients – lactic acid and urea, both of which are supposed to be great for skin. So, give it a try :)
My Recommendation
I would definitely ask you to give it a try. Would be especially great for mature skin.


  1. says

    never heard of it..but I am combi skin..I am scared of thick creams except for massage..I do not let them be on my skin..but sounds good for dry skin..

    • prakash sah says

      Hello swati my hair is falling in huge amount and i am lossing my hair rapidly .i am just 20 years and i lost almost half of my hair soo please suggest me to regrow my lost hair

  2. aman jha says

    as i hav already said moisturex cream turn out to b fruitfull for my dry, scally ,n flaky face cheek….the problm is since childhood which lessens in summmer bt the texture remains rough…i had tried many creams earlier bt they were useless, lastly this summer moisturex helped me get relief bt yet not totally…..the texture remains dark, dull but less stretchy thn b4……tho cetaphil cleansing lotion has some effectiv result….i want to know about the face wash tht ight fit to use before the moisturex…medicated one like the cream

  3. Anonymous says

    my pharamcist frnd suggested this cream for dry skin… n it work wonders…n its nt tht expensive… just 110rs

  4. Anonymous says

    hi i have been looking for a cream like this for ever( i have super dry skin all over my body n face)so i want to know is it a face, hand, foot or bdy cream? and also u have mentioned that you mom has beeing using it for the past 15 years? does she use it on her face or sumwhere else and how often and what time day or night?,.the reason iam askin you is coz it contains lactic acid (AHA) and which might increase skins sensitivity to sunlight. and do you know of any body wash or facewash with similiar composition?


    • says

      hey Hasini…your name reminded me of Bomarillu…don’t know if you know about the movie :)
      you actually put out the point I had been thinking since long a time!!! she uses it only on face and neck. yes, even, I thought that repeated usage of lactic acid (especially at 10% concentration) can make her skin sensitive but she doesn’t get any sunburns and she didn’t really tan more over the years!!! yes, her face does get red when she goes out but that was there even before. so, I really have no idea how to judge if it has increased the sensitivity?
      I was actually planning to do a post on the same issue but then, got lazy and left it pending!!!
      but, I think the cream can be used at nights. it does make the skin very soft :)

  5. tashrin says

    recently my doc prescribed me wid moisturex for cracked nd dry soles nd i wd lk to say that it worked wonders for me as well. within 4-5 days i was having beautiful feet like babies’s!! they r so soft nd butiful….love it … awesome.

  6. reporter says

    Is the price hiked soon? Now it is rs135 for 50gm. Earlier it was rs101 for 100gm. That means around 170% price hike. Can we get in old container with low price? Is that still available?

  7. Anonymous says

    yes its pretty expensive but instead of buying nivea, dove and similar cosmetic brands , this moisturizer really works and what a pride, its indian …medicated moisturizers from abroad are very expensive. this has a slightly gritty texture . i got a bottle a pout..similar to the olay 7 effects bottle. i would prefer a tin like this one ..,but don’t seem to find it…

    but being someone who suffers from flaky dry psoriasis i would really recommend this one.

    would like someone to compare this to cetaphil lotion that i havent tried either.

  8. says

    There is another cream known as ‘Healax Cream’ made by Gary Pharmaceuticals of Ludhiana should be available in the market. I just saw it on the net and hence mentioning it here. But, I dont know about its effectiveness like Moisturex as I have not used it so far. I was also looking for alternatives as Moisturex has become expensive.

  9. Anonymous says

    I have been using these product since last 12yrs i love the old package it used to come,but the new package design has faulty i bought a 75gm bottle designed pack which eariler used to cost under 100rs,
    Unfortunately the new design have Rubber press type thing by pressing it we get the cream out,after normal use of 15days my family discovered there was no cream coming out of it & were surprised to see it finished so far,but when i opened the top mechanism i discovered that rubber was broken & there was more than 50% of the cream left.

    please make the design fault changes :)

  10. says

    Where can I find this cream? Is it marketed in the United States? This products sounds perfect for my scaly dry skin condition.

  11. says


  12. Anonymous says

    A 159gm bottle costs Rs.271. After bath one can pat dry the skin with a towel and apply this cream.One can also apply it at other times and as many times as required.a good cream for dry and itchy skin condition

  13. Anonymous says

    Doctor suggested me to use SaBa Med cleansing shower oil instead of soap for dry skin and use Moisturex cream after shower. Can I apply Moisturex soft cream on face as well?

  14. Anonymous says

    I hv been using this cream for my son when he was an infant for rashes he used get in winter. It’s an awesome cream. Highly recommended for dry skin.

  15. Ganeshkumar says

    Hi, my hands had scaly psoriasis and was paining badly. Upon applying this on my fingers the dryness has reduced and the pain subsided. Great cream for cracked heals and dry skin. Price?? 190Rs for 100gm but you will not regret what you paid for. Go for it.

  16. manu says

    I have bought this cream for my dry skin today. so what about the usage? how and when should I apply it? Should I wash it after applying to my skin?

  17. ritesh says

    Hi, I stay in a humid climate and my Dr has advised this cream for hard skin in my foot, does it work in foot also. thanks

  18. Zakirullah Yousufi says

    Dear Respective,

    My son has skin problem and I tried a lot to cure that but failed. Finally after six years, one of the best Doctors who is really professional in his field prescribed The Moisturex Lotion for my son, and we found out that this lotion is the really remedy for his treatment after one week usage.
    The point is that, I can’t find more here in Afghanistan and I really need it.
    So, if anyone of you knows about the supplies of this lotion in Afghanistan then plz contact me via or +93782630099.


  19. Shweta says

    Hi swati,
    I have been using this cream after seeing such fabulous reviews about it..can you tell me if this cream has helped in skin lightening to your mom. I have heard that lactic acid causes skin lightening..I have acne scars on my face.wondering if this cream would help for lightening as well.. looking forward to your reply

    • says

      hi Shweta. sorry but can not comment as she is naturally fair and we honestly do not believe in skin lightening products. love your skin as is and take care of your skin so it always is bright and glowing :)

    • says

      if by white patches you mean dry, yes this cream helps! or, if you mean different skin color then no this cream will not help!!

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