Is Vanity Silly? {Your Opinion}

“Vanity” by John William Waterhouse. The image of Vanity, a beautiful woman admiring herself in a mirror, is found in European Art from the time of the middle ages. It is an ambiguous image because the spectator is invited both to admire and to disapprove. In this haunting picture, Waterhouse surely intends admiration to be paramount.[Source:]
Well, ok, I want to confess something today – No one in my friend circle knows about my blogging passion. I told one of my friends almost a year later and he was stunned saying there was nothing to hide in it. Well, in my defense, I wasn’t sure how everyone will take it. They might think it silly and very girly and very stupid and in such veins, if you know what I mean. Well, no one really cares for a person who is all beauty and no brains, right? But, is indulging in vanity such a big sin? I mean if you do like getting made up or taking care of skin, is it such a bad thing??? Well, obviously, the answer I know is ‘No’ but have you ever faced a prejudice like that? No, I have not faced it but I think I will if I tell any of my friends which is pretty embarrassing and a lowering thought. What do you think?


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    even i didnt tell any of my friends about my blog..i just feel that the only advise they will give me is to stop it n concentrate on more useful things in life umm practical life…

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    hey Pavani…I so agree with you :( but I don’t really find it wastage of time…instead working on the blog helps as a destresser for me and has helped me during many difficult times since I have started blogging!!! its like a different life I am living!!!

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    hi swati,before your post,i was thinking i am the only one hiding about her blogging…But now i feel much better…

    I was ridiculed in the past about my taking skin/body care so seriously and many advised me to spent my time doing more useful thing.but i was like,what can be more satisfying than a beautiful skin…But now when my old friends see me they also admired me,because the people ridiculing taking care of one’s self turn out to be with damaged skin,dark circles,damaged hair,pimples and what not.So,in the end it pays back to invest tome for oneself. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And i think we all should be allowed some silliness or girlishness…as it add more fun to one’s life….after all e all get is only one life & we should live it as happily as we can..that’s why i didn’t stop crocheting after many people’s comments that its more old-lady like.If they want to call me that..then go ahead…I will not suppress my happiness just because of other’s opinion …

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    oh,soooo long comment i wrote but forgot to say i love Vanity….a beautiful woman admiring herself in a mirror…is what i think make a lady more lady-like. Because in the end most men fall for such lady-like characteristic although they will never admit it on your face….I wish i were born in the Victorian era…all the elaborate dresses…hairstyles…crochet…cooking…loveeeee it…

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    hey Monali…yeah even I used to think that I was the only one hiding about my blogging interest before writing this post but now I do feel a little confident :) otherwise all the other bloggers I know are very open about their blogs and do receive encouragement from their friends and family which is so great!!! And, yup, even I don’t think there is anything wrong in taking care about your skin or hair…after all our body is our temple which should be kept healthy both from inside and outside….and, yup, Victorian era sounds very romantic to me :) I love Victorian romances!!!

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    Well, my friends also don’t know about my blog, haha. I prefer not to let them know or they’ll leave silly comments on my posts, teasing me. They actually don’t mind me being vain and some of them are even more vain than me but because we’re friends, we like to tease each other. Besides, I like to keep my blogging and private life separate as much as possible. :)

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    Blogging about skin care isn’t at all silly. I love it, too and I actually combine blogging about it with my other interests like medicine, research and health. And I think there are a lot more silly stuff than vanity. To each, his own!

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    hey Sara…welcome to my blog and hoping to see more of your views :) you are right actually coz we bloggers do try to be vain as well as bring a side of our brain when discussing about vanity :)

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    Hi Swati, I think we all have the freedom to express our own feelings. Those who wants to go through it can, otherwise not. If they tease us and pull our legs in public, thats their culture. they also cant expect any good feedback from others. In a single sentence I say, we should not be worried about all these. We just keep ourselves the way we want. Kala

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