Brown Sugar Facial Scrub {DIY}

This is a slightly modified version of the Body Polish Recipe I had shared a while ago. 
  • 1 sachet  brown sugar
  • Oil to mix the sugar (preferably Apricot oil)
Mix the ingredients. Use enough oil to make a paste and not more. Use the mix to scrub your face and neck after cleansing thoroughly. Scrub till the sugar melts and this doesn’t really take more than a minute but be gentle otherwise it can leave your skin feeling a little tender. After scrubbing, wash off the scrub and leave the oil as it is on the face. Do not wash it off. Follow with a little moisturizer. 
In place of apricot oil, almond oil is a great substitute. Both the oils get absorbed quickly into the skin and do not leave any greasiness behind. You can also include a drop or two of essential oils.
Brown sugar is more preferred to normal sugar as you all are aware. This is because of the lesser calorie count of the brown sugar due to the presence of molasses which increases the water content in the sugar. This is also a reason that this is a better scrub than white sugar because it is less abrasive and hydrates the skin.
So, the results are awesome!! Your face is glowing and the oil and moisturizer combination leaves your skin soft and really supple all day long. A great scrub for emergency occasions. And, an extra benefit is that your skin is taut and tightened.


  1. Anonymous says

    It doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky? I’ve been reading more about DIY home skin care masks and hair masks too. I’ve read a few good ones on, but I like this idea too.

  2. says

    no it doesn’t leave the face feeling sticky!!! it also depends on the oil which you are using coz some oils are sticky but if using apricot or almond oil, it doesn’t make the face sticky :)

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