September Haul {Beauty Products}

I thought it would be interesting to share my hauls with you so I decided to put up all my hauls into one post and publish it on the last day of the month. Hope you enjoy this series.

NewU Haul

an overdose of cleansing wipes, I must say!!!
needed a non-tinted lip balm so thought to give this one a try!!!
freebies, yay!!! an eyelash comb and a travel pedicure set
And, now the most interesting product of my haul. The story goes somewhat like this – 20th was the last day of member sale at TBS and I went to check out the products but, frankly, I couldn’t bring myself to pay in the range of 600-700 for anything out there. So, entered the NewU shop adjoining it!!! And, there I found a lot of interesting products by the brand of Beauty Formulas. It is a UK brand, I checked out after coming home. And, since I saw the warming mineral mask at TBS and found somewhat similar product with this brand, I bought it out of curiosity!!! Frankly, I think TBS would have also costed me the same coz this one is 185 bucks for 3 treatments and TBS offers 100ml for 700 bucks near about. So, not a very intelligent bargain, though!!!
Of course, I used one treatment on the same night. And, it is a weird product (not in the bad sense at all)!!! It gets so warm (and I mean really warm for those who have never used warming mineral mask by TBS). Its a peculiar mask and I did like it but other than that, I am not sure if it really did anything for my skin. Anyways, I shall review it separately after using all the 3 treatments. And, btw, the good thing about this product is that it has Zeolite which is one of the best detox clays available to mankind. And, the product is listed number 2 in the ingredient list.

And, some random haul

Needed a body lotion so thought to give this a try
And, I finally got it!!! I have been waiting to get my hands on this since quite long :)

So, hope that I have got you interested in the haul series. And, I shall definitely be coming with the reviews during the next month!!! Keep a look out :)

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  1. Shoppingaholic says

    Kara yellow pack scares me to hell but fragrance makes me fall in love with it. Let’s see if you feel the same… I was about to write a review in a day or 2 but i’ll be waiting for yours too..:)

  2. says

    @jiya oh my God!!! you are scaring me :( why does it scare…just coz of its color or is there something wrong with the wipes??? right now I was using Himalaya but I will start using Kara from today to see what scared you ๐Ÿ˜€ will let you know my views surely :)

  3. says

    @Poohkie yeah ponds face wash wasn’t available for so long…till now its fine, nothing great but nothing bad either about the product….it doesn’t have SLS just like the ponds flawless white or white beauty I think….and lip balm I am really not sure if its worth it :( lets see!!! but then my lips are not chapped and all so may be I am the wrong one to decide about it!!!

  4. says

    wow…very nice haul…i was curious,why did u want a non-tinted lip balm because most girls(including myself) prefer a tinted one?

    I was also planning to buy that black ponds one,but i will wait for your review now.

    Hey,i want to tell you,my brother got married this Sunday,so i was very busy n didn’t get time to surf net.

  5. says

    hey Monali…wow…congratulations so how is ur bhabhi??? have fun!!!
    I wanted non-tinted one coz I become very self-conscious when I wear tinted ones ๐Ÿ˜€ so I wanted the non-tinted one for daily use and am keeping tinted ones for special occasions!!!
    oh regarding ponds, till now, I would say its ok, nothing bad but nothing great either…it doesn’t dry my skin like other ponds face washes used to and it really cleans the face but then all of them do the same and it doesn’t have SLS so that’s one good thing but then ponds white beauty and flawless and other face washes also don’t have SLS….lets see!!! I shall try changing my face wahs in between once and then compare, that might give me some idea about this face wash…

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