Salicylic Acid {Ingredient}

Yesterday, I talked about Salicylic Acid and its uses for people suffering from Acne and other skin disorders. But, I also mentioned its biggest disadvantage – hyper pigmentation. I am not sure if you have noticed but salicylic acid is always used int he concentration of 1-2% in the products available in the medical stores. The reason is that it acts best on the skin in those concentrations and any excess of usage of the acid causes many skin problems like sensitivity, irritation, peeling of the skin and likes of it. So, getting tempted to use it every day is really not a good idea unless a product has been recommended by a dermatologist.
Now, you might have read about the aspirin mask recipes and would have been tempted to try it. Many of you might have tried it too. But, these masks are concentrated and hence, harm the skin instead of helping. So, kindly refrain from that. Since 1-2% is the best concentration so we shall make the homemade Salicylic Acid solution for home remedies. Now, Salicylic Acid is not available commercially so we will make do with Acetyl Salicylic Acid which is a milder form of Salicylic Acid. As Aspirin was not available, I am using Disprin Tablets and they both are actually same,though, Disprin also has Calcium Carbonate and Citric Acid to enable to it to dissolve in water.
  • 3-6 Disprin Tablets (3 is for 1% and 6 is for 2% concentration)
  • 100ml Water (go for mineral water or distilled water)
Mix the tablets in the water and store the solution. Use the solution to make face masks or mix your cleanser with the bit of a solution and wash your face with it. Mixing your makeup remover with the solution and then applying on the face for a few minutes would be most beneficial in cleaning the skin.Or, the simplest way to use the solution is to apply the solution on your face with cotton and keep it on for 5-10 minutes and then wash off the face with cleanser or face wash. 
People suffering from acne and breakouts should do it daily till they see some difference. And, oily skin people should use it twice or thrice a week. Rest with normal to dry skin and sensitive skin can use the solution not more than once a week for proper exfoliation. 
Caution (Very Very Important)
Ok, so this is something everyone needs to pay attention to. When I say anything not to be done on the blog, please take it very very seriously coz its very easy to get carried away and trust me, I am saying this from my personal experience. For example, I have used concentrated disprin mask twice on my face (as if once wasn’t enough) and trust me, my complexion became dark instantly!!! So dark that the person who said I had become fair a day before had commented about my complexion the very next day and this has happened both the times I used the mask. And, even my parents complained about it. So, it causes hyper pigmentation very easily and it takes some days to get back to your original complexion so please, please do not overdo these treatments. They are supposed to be done only under strict control. And, please take my cautions about anything very seriously in my past or future posts also coz maximum of the times, I speak from personal experiences or otherwise from proper research.
How I have calculated the ratio?
10mg/1ml = 1%
thus, 350mg/x(ml) = 1%
thus, 10mg /1ml= 350mg/x
thus, x = 350/10 = 35ml
thus, 1 Disprin tablet is 1% of 35ml water so calculating in the same proportion, 3 disprin tablets would make up 1% of 100ml water (approx. coz 35*3 = 105ml).
Thus, if you want to make the concentration 2%, use 6 Disprin tablets.
I hope the calculation is clear :)


  1. says

    Ur calculation above is not precise. Since, disprin tablets come with other ingredients for better absorption formula… I have calculated to take 1 more tablet for the mask…

    • says

      350mg is the acetyl salicylic acid concentration in disprin and it has other ingredients as well as you said. however, you may go for 1 more if you feel like, that’s ok. I stick to lower limits coz it causes hyper pigmentation on my skin immediately.

  2. says

    Hi Swati,
    My Skin Is Too Oily & Acne Prone.
    I Have used this disprin mask for abt 1 month (3time/week), But i did’t get relife from acne & acne scares.
    So Plz Tell me.., Wht i hv to do Nw.?

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati
    Iam 15 years old and i have a lot of acne on my face,chest and back.When I do not use a face cream, my face gets too much dry.Does that mean My skin is dry???
    If it is so,should I try your formula?Or is it because of the hormonal changes??

    • says

      ummm…i am not sure what you mean by peel off your skin! if you are talking about acidic peels, it is better to get them from a professional. this is just a home remedy and does not guarantee anything!!

  4. says

    another untrained person thinking that ASA and BHA is the same thing drives me bonkers, yes salicylic acid and acetylsalicylic acid sound alot alike,they have similar molecular buildingblocks but they are NOT the same thing and cannot be interchanged, matter of fact ASA aka aspirin has bloodthinning properties and if anything can possibly damage broken capillaries.
    Salicylic acid only helps when its in gel form since the washes dont have enough time to dissolve and break up the hardened sebum, if you have problem skin go for a combination of lactic acids with BHA moisturizers and even glycolic acids. If redness is an issue in emergency you can use eyedrops (anti redness) and for that badly inflamed cystic welt even preparation-h has anti-inflamatory properties, but claiming ASA and salicylic acid is interchangeable is complete bogus.
    here are 2 great products if used religiously will show results ( but also claiming one product doesnt do anything and hating on it can have multiple reasons one every skin is different, yours might not be right, does not mean the product is garbage but the most common reason for it not to work is 100% not using it long enough or the issues can be a combination of health and diet reasons, too much sugar and salt and chemical ingredients (junkfood) will have detrimental effects on your health. in order to see any results is a minimum usage of 28 days, that is how long it takes for the skin to go through a cycle of renewing itself, if you dont see any results whatsoever in a 6week period you havent changed any bad habits/ underlying cause for your breakouts (hormonal go see a doctor), or simply put it s not the right product for you

    I have a degree in pharmaceuticals, talk to a medical esthetician or dermatologist for true advice, do your research!

    • says

      hi. thanks for the knowledge. i never claimed I am an expert. this is just something which I tried. it would have been good if you could name yourself so i could get advice and interact with you. i shall definitely look into the issue and do my research well.

  5. says

    my skin is norml not very oily nor dry but i m suffring from acne problem and i have redness issue so should i use this or not plz tel me

  6. says

    Hellow ma’am
    I am anjani, my skin is dry and sensitive too, so how many times and how much should be the quantity of remedy for my type of skin….and also i want the quick result is it posible with this?? Hoe long it wil take to cure acne??

    • says

      hi Aishwarya. yes! use disprin mask only as spot treatment and use clean and clear toner and garnier pore unclogging face wash. it helps with pimples :) and, follow with a good moisturiser.

  7. RedCurls says

    AHA and BHA make your skin sun-sensitive since they are chemical exfoliants(?). One is supposed to use adequate sunblocks and moisturiser when using salicylic acid- it dries up the skin, that is how it works. And oily skin doesn’t in itself imply moisturised skin.

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