Parachute Advansed Cooling Oil {Product Review}

Well, since it is a cooling oil, it really cools.
Price: Rs 45 for 100 ml
Amla (135mg), Gandha Purva (135mg), Brahmi (54mg), Tail Patra (108mg), Nagar Motha (50mg), Chandan (50mg), Dalchini (100mg), Kaddu Seed (100mg), Bhringraj (100mg), Jatamansi (27mg), Kapur Katcheri (50mg), Loung (100mg), Khus (27mg), Sugandhibala (15mg), Rosemary (250mg), Kulanjan (27mg), Devdar (100mg), Menthol (3000mg), Tulsi (10mg), Camphor (500mg), Vach (54mg), Coconut Oil q.s

My Experience
green colored and smells awfully strong of something I am not able to put finger on!!!
It smells really strong. And, it is damn cooling from the moment you apply. That might actually get irritating after a while but 3000mg of Menthol does do the job well so it might be helpful in summers but do not think about using it in winters. It might just bring headaches or cold. It feels cold even when you pour warm water on your head while taking head bath. So, yup, a really good cooling oil. As a hair oil, it is fine. Nothing great but nothing bad either. Keeps hair soft.And, btw, it was this oil along which I got the head massager I reviewed long back. 
My Recommendation
Yes if you need a cooling oil.


  1. says

    @Bhumika I have heard that the hot oil is great….donno though….my om used it and said that it does heat a little bit but nothing more….do a review if possible!!!

    • Ankit Kumaria says

      Yes u r ri8 vineeth Navratna Red Oil is most cooling in summers, when i pour it on my head i feel very relaxed and free from headache due to summers.

  2. keerthana says

    Why parachute cooling oil is not available in any store medicals online mart….. Pls someone tell me….. I really missing it

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