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Hey All!! I just wanted to share with you that I had won the Vivawoman MVO giveaway and recently received their goodies which came with 3 samples of course. Marie Veronique Organics is one of the rare organic brands which makes physical sunscreen and I had since long wanted to try it so I am extremely happy to have got these products and their reviews will be coming in time.


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      hey Nami…oh yes, the product are too tempting but shipping charges do make me worry but we can all join in for a purchase coz above 175$ they offer free shipping and Renuca has already said she would be pitching in so in case you wanna buy them, we can go for a collective order :)

  1. nami says

    ya that will be a good idea but i cant order right now coz just few days back i have spent 200 dollars have to wait..but do count me wenever you plan a spree.btw where are you located in india from delhi and howthis spree will work out

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      oh yeah, even I can’t spend right away…need sometime :) I stay in hyderabad. I wanna get the sunscreen and the sun protection oil and yes, I do wanna check out other products too but not at once coz that will get too heavy on the pocket ๐Ÿ˜€
      I am thinking of planning it sometime in june or july but not sure yet coz I do have 2-3 sunscreens to finish ๐Ÿ˜€
      I was thinking of getting the courier to one address and then the person can send it out to others but I have no idea if the sprees are managed in some other way. I’ll check out if they do deliver at various addresses though I am not really sure of that coz that will become multiple orders.

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