Homemade Body Polish {DIY}

I have used this once till today and the results have been better than any scrub I have ever used. And, at a pinch of a price.

  • Salt (preferably any Dead Sea Salt, Rock Salt or Epsom Salt)
  • Sugar (preferably Cane Sugar or Jaggery)
  • Honey
Mix salt and sugar in equal quantities enough for the entire body and mix them in honey to make a gooey paste. After your shower, scrub or polish your skin with this mixture until the salt and sugar dissolve which will take some time. If you still have time and mood on hands, leave it on the skin for 15-30 minutes in a hot bathroom. Wash off and follow with moisturizer.
Amazingly soft skin and the difference is very much visible in one time. When I tried it out, my friend couldn’t stop raving about my skin and asked me what did I do. I used this on the face too. And, my skin was glowing literally. And, as I am writing this, I feel like going and doing this again.
Skin Type
Not for sensitive skin (might irritate) and for people suffering from breakouts. Also, make sure you don’t have any wounds or cuts anywhere on your body coz you are using salt. Otherwise, all skin types can use this polish from dry to oily.

Have you ever tried this?


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    This is cool, I was actually wondering what I will do with the Epsom Salt I have at home.

    I use it for constipation, didn’t know it can be used as a mask of sorts.

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    @Bhumika if it keeps slipping away, you might use some flour or something to bind it…may be besan will do a good job…shall try and tell :)

    @Rae oh you can use epsom salt in thousand ways…a simple tip is to drop a table spoon of epsom in your tub or bath water (in case you don’t go for shower) and take bath with it…that’s extremely relaxing and you can even wash your hair with epsom salt :)

    @Kuheli do try…would love to get your feedback :)

    @Shivani yeah of course…adding essential oils is even more better for a relaxed therapy all over :) have to buy essential oils…thinking of going for forest essentials as there is no other brand trustworthy enough :(

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    hi swati

    i love the way u just make it so easy for us without spendin lot of money we can make our skin glow

    just had a silly doubt see after takin a shower we r applyin tis and do we need to stay in bathroom for 15min after applyin for steamin affect and one more thing

    can we apply it before taking shower as we are applyin honey it gets really stick

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    hey fatima….thanks a lot for your kind words :) and nothing silly about ur doubt…”No question is a stupid question” :)
    yeah you have to stay inside the bathroom for 15 minutes for the steam effect and wash this off after 15 minutes with water…since the scrub gets washed off honey doesn’t feel sticky anymore ;) you can do this before the shower too but after using the body wash otherwise the effect of the scrub gets washed off by the body wash or soap…hope this helps :)

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