Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream {Product Review}

Night Creams are supposed to be contain rich and revitalizing nutrients for the skin so as to repair the damage done to the skin in the morning. So, let us see how this one fares.
Price: 90 INR for 25gms
My Experience
This small sample of 25gms was sent to me for review but you need so less to cover the face and neck that this tub would last me around two months if I use it regularly. The cream is light in consistency and not very thick and gets absorbed into the skin very easily. Now, it is very important to apply the right amount of the cream otherwise it will create a layer and sit on the skin and do nothing for the skin. One thing which is pretty noticeable after applying the cream is that the skin feels toned up. In the morning, you wake up with a very smooth and soft skin. I wouldn’t say that it has any effect on the fine lines though coz I haven’t seen any changes in them.
My Recommendation
A good and inexpensive night cream for skin which just needs preventive measures not curative ones.     
PS: Product sent by brand for consideration.


  1. says

    I lovee this !! skin feels soft in d mornin..n in few days I did see a change in my skin..it was kinda glowing..dis feels so gud on skin :)

  2. Nimisha says


    You are doing an Awesome Job with your blog.The amount of information(Pics-text) in here is stunning, like you practically wrote the book on the subject.I wish i could make my Homemade Facial blog like you and i started this blog as a source of inspiration from your blog.I would wish if an author like you could have a look at my blog

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