Episoft Cleanser {Product Review}

This post is more of a recommendation than a review.

I don’t have a HG face wash so I do keep experimenting and if someone asks me to recommend some, I would say Episoft cleanser which I have used and have discontinued using coz of its cost and availability issues but it is really good and better than Cetaphil actually and I am speaking for this coz I have used both of them and have seen the difference. So, in case you are in search of a good face wash, you can try it out.
Regarding the cost, both cetaphil and Episoft cost the same.
The cleanser is really light weight and non-greasy and leaves the skin just as it is (not dry or oil but clean). I have compared their ingredient lists too and did find that the Episoft ingredient list was better and gentler. And, comparing the cleansers, Episoft is gentler. I have used some 2-3 bottles of this cleanser on and off where as I have used Cetaphil only once and never went back to it.
Regarding the availability, you can ask for it at Apollo pharmacy and they will definitely get it for you in case you do not get it at other drug stores. They might or might not have stocked it so that it a hitch in being regular with this cleanser.
One more thing I would add is that I had this cleanser prescribed by a dermatologist whom I didn’t much like and she had prescribed this one for my dry skin problem on my hands which had developed weird dry patches. When I used this cleanser over those patches, the condition normalized gradually in sometime so I can safely say that it is a damn good cleanser for people with such issues.


  1. Anonymous says

    Can I ask how to use ?? I bought it but I don’t know how I use it like lotion without wash it by water or like cleaner wash it after putting !!

  2. Anonymous says

    Am using episoft cleanser from last month i havnt seen any difference from other facewash camparing to nivea face wash…

  3. says

    i m using it from last 1 year,(doctor recommend ) as i hvng pimple n dark spot problem,
    first 3 months it was nyc, bt after that i cant see any changes in my skin, now also i use, bt my skin doesnt look fresh,
    have any option for it?? or should i change it, n do u know any other product for oily n dark skin,

  4. Anonymous says

    hey this was the exact thing i would have written about this thing and its just great but i dont like that this doesn’t foam i love foaming face washes. :( :)

    • says

      hi. episoft is just a cleanser for sensitive skin. it is not supposed to get rid of dark patches or any other skin problem. it is just a mild cleanser which avoids reaction on the skin due to harmful face washes.

      for oily skin and dark patches, apply tomato juice every night after washing the face, let it dry for 5-10 min and wash off. follow with a moisturizer.

  5. S S says


    I have dry & very sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing Episoft info. Now, I have decided to use Episoft as facewash but pls. would you recommend any gentle Moisturizer also as I dont want to take any risk & have been tried other moistr. also.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Chandrakala says

    Swati garu,
    we appreciate you for providing lot of information and advice. I am 39 year old. I have developed dry skin and hair loss and acne on my face. I consulted dermatologist and using medicines. But no use. Since I have on wanted hair problem too I suspect all these problems may be due to hormonal change. Can you advise me please

  7. Simranjeet singh says

    Hlo mam I have a skin problem like rosacea and eczema on my face. I have oily skin type. redness allover on my face. so please suggest me what can I do ?

  8. Manjula says

    Can u suggest any cream for black marks along with episoft face wash…currently I am using melaglow cream….

  9. Rupali says

    Hi , I have open pores & acne on my face , I am using episoft from last month but have not seen any results. Please suggest me any thing for open pores.

  10. Rupali says


    I have open pores and acne on my face. I am using episoft from last one month. But I am not satisfied with the use. Please suggest me something for open pores.

  11. chetan sisodia says

    I was using cetaphil n now moved on…. trying episoft…

    I need some good treatment for black head on nose …. there r some …

  12. says

    After using this face wash.my skin gets burning..getting thick red and skin were cracking whitely…feeling disappointed
    It doesn’t giving any lather also

    • says

      hi Pranay. yes, it does not lather. it is medicated and supposed to be gentle but it is weird that you are facing reactions. guess it does not suit every skin!!

  13. SIMMY GUPTA says

    Hello..mam..I just wanna ask..is this is for only middle age woman or women of any age can use it (like 24-15)..???..

  14. SIMMY GUPTA says

    Hello..mam..I just wanna ask..is this is for only middle age woman or women of any age can use it (like 24-26)..???..

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