The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub {Product Review}

You can love it or hate it!!!
Price: 300 INR for smaller tub (approx.) (I got it at 50% sale)
I have the smaller tub and I guess ingredients are not listed on it.
My Experience
The first thing you notice is its smell. Its bad :( The scrub is a gross green in color and is not runny at all which is good. It has apparently apricot granules and they are not scratchy or harsh like in their Spiced Vanilla Scrub. Except for its smell, its actually a really nice scrub though it might feel a little mild for some people on the body especially on the areas of thighs and hips where there is more of fat. It makes the skin really soft and supple. It does not dry the skin out but you should always follow scrubbing with a moisturizer. And, it keeps your skin soft for 2-3 days easily.
A big disappointment I faced with TBS scrubs are that they get over really soon and when you are paying such high prices for a product you do expect 10 washes out of it at least. So, that’s a con. A very big problem also arises due to the fact that the product gets stuck on the lid and the screw area of the lid. Its sold in the tubs (big and small) so a little of water does enter every time you use the scrub which is pretty unhygienic if a lot of people put their hands in the tub.
My Recommendation
Yes. It will suit the normal to dry skin and even sensitive skin. It is gentle enough for that but kindly keep away from the face. A bit harsh for it.


  1. Ik says

    I just read about this on a blog and the blogger loved the smell! 😀
    So true about it being for specific people!
    Oh and I guess you could try peeling the sticker at the bottom..
    Mine had it.. But everything was in Chinese!:P I got that when we dint have TBS in most parts of India!:P:P I am hoping it’ll be the same..

  2. says

    @Ik…oh…yeah smell is very much specific to people…I didn’t see the peel off sticker…will check it out!!!

    @Rae it smells really bitter!!! not easy to explain actually but generally thats how I can categorize it!!!

  3. says

    @Nivedita hehe I have reached exactly the same stage…I find them too costly and then to buy it everytime one needs to wait for the discounts otherwise you will feel bad but some products are tempting…I do wanna try the honey-oat and corn exfoliating mask and the polynesian oil so waiting for the discont season :) frankly I am even tired of Lush but some products are tempting again :)

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